Sunday, December 2, 2012

31 Things I'm Thankful For: Day 2

Taken last October 26, 2012 when the kids attended Spooktacular at Active Fun, BHS.
I've always wanted to have kids on my own. There was even a time when I was willing to be just a mother and not a wife. I'm thankful that God made me both. My children are the essence of my being. I live because of them. I try to become a better person because of them. They are love. They are happiness. They complete Jowell and I. Milo and Pretzel are our most precious treasures. I can no longer imagine life without them. They are our lives. One day they'll grow up and have their own lives separate from us, but I'll always be grateful that God chose me to be their Mommy. I might have done some very remarkable things in my past that I was blessed with these two awesome human beings. I love you both, always and forever.

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