Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Food Trip A-Z: Sidetrip to Raisin Bread Shop

After lunch at Little John's in Camp John Hay, Aline's friend met us and brought us to Baguio's oldest and most exclusive club, the Baguio Country Club, to have coffee, and yes, of course, raisin bread, which they are known for. BCC's coffee/pastry shop is known as the Raisin Bread Shop

Kita nyo mga paper bags? Guess what's inside?

Waiting for our drinks to come.
Enjoying our drinks.
View from the Raisin Bread Shop.
What we ordered:

Since this was just a side trip, I didn't make an effort to remember the drinks we ordered. LOL

Mine. Almond butter something something frappe.
This I know. Hahaha. Joy's mango shake.
Aline's green tea frappe.

Next is dinner at Solibao in Session Road.

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