Saturday, May 19, 2012

Food Trip A-Z: Little John's

Food Trip A-Z goes on a road trip to Baguio City. Little Sister #2, unfortunately, wasn't able to come so she was temporarily replaced by my little brother (who was a previous special guest here), his wife, and a good friend of mine from work.

It was almost lunch when we got there. We headed to Casa Vallejo first for an early check-in and headed right away to Little John's at Camp John Hay to have lunch. Their famous BBQ rib was unavailable. We were disappointed, but since we were there na and we were hungry na rin, we ordered what was available na lang.

Mile-Hi Center, Camp John Hay,
Baguio City, Benguet

Us five. From L to R: my brother, his wife, my sitter, the blogger, and my friend
The Big Boss and his angels
The Hungry Ladies
 The Big Boss and the love of his life

The blogger and the friend on their first OOT trip

What we ordered:

Joy's lamb slices.

Chelly's all-veggie lasagna. It tasted good, but the plating could've been better if they used a different colored plate, di ba?
Chelly's taco salad, which I loved. Sarap promise. Very refreshing.
Eboy and Aline ordered the same thing - kebab with rice. Masarap sana kaya lang medyo matigas yung beef/pork.
My hoagie (pronounced as hogi) with a serving of potato salad. Yummy yung potato salad. Sana nag-separate order ako. Hahaha.

I find the place too teeny-weeny for my size. I guess it could get a little uncomfortable during busy hours. Feeling ko I was a bull in a china shop. Konting galaw, may mababasag ako. Hahaha. The tiny size added coziness, though. The walls were lined with artworks from previous customers.

The food was so-so. I was not very impressed. Yes, masarap pero I really wanted to taste the BBQ ribs kaya siguro feeling ko so-so lang yung food. Affordable naman and the iced tea came with one free refill. Pwede na din kesa wala, di ba?

When we go back to Baguio, we'd definitely go back here to taste the BBQ ribs. It's what we came for in the first place. Please, sana meron na!

Next stop, Baguio Country Club's Pastry Shop for some dessert.

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