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Hurray for my 200th post!
My 200th post is especially dedicated to the best Mean Girls in world - us. Walang kokontra, blog ko 'to. Hahaha.

Mean Girls - Tin, Makati Prime Tower Suites, December 2011.
The last time I saw the girls was in December during our annual "Wish List" reveal night. We make it a point to meet each other every quarter. Just to catch up lang. Maski my social media na, mas maganda pa din yung naririnig mo yung totoong tawa ng mga kaibigan mo, di ba? So, last Saturday, May 26th, we had drinks and dinner at Chili's Greenbelt 5. It was a night overflowing with food and fun.

Mean Girls Convention, Greenbelt 5, May 2012.

Happy ako ngayon lang kami nakumpleto ulit after our stint with Sutherland. With our previous eat-outs, laging may kulang na isa. It's either si Tin or Khim. Busy ang mga ate nyo. Hehehe.

Minus Tin, Cafe Jeepney, Hotel Intercon, April 2011.
Minus Khim, Vikings, September 2011.
Dahil kumpleto nga kami, kainang bonggang-bongga ang ganap.

Hindi kami gutom. Just Imagine kung gutom kami. Hahaha.
Top: baby back ribs, guilt-free chicken, quesadilla explosion salad
Middle: chicken sandwish, burger, grilled chicken salad
Bottom: chicken fritters, fried cheese, buffalo wing
Not in pic: bottomless tosda chips

Espesyal talaga ang gabing ito kasi naka-recruit kami ng Mean Boys. Hahaha. At bonding sila agad, ha? Hahaha.
Meet the Mean Boys, Jowell and Archie.
Mean Girls and the Mean Boys.
Top: Jowell and TintinTetay, Khim, Tintin and Archie
Bottom: Vayie, Jen, Cai

Brace yourselves, more pictures coming up. Enjoy!

The early birds.
Vayie vs The Burger
Vayie and Donya Khim ;)
Close-Up girls :)
Christmas Elf Ieni preparing our Wish List bunutan
Bloggers Tetay and Vayie
Cam Whores Forever. Hahaha.
Husband and Wife Tomadors. LOL
Ever giddy Jen and ever sexy Tintin
Ganda lang. Hahaha.
Chikahan muna. Promise di ko maalala na crush ko si Rex. Hahaha.
Since we were all present, our Christmas Elf Ieni decided to have na our bunutan for our Christmas Wish List. Jen, Mayo pa lang. Pero wala din kami nagawa nagbunutan din kami at syempre ayaw nila ako mabunot. I'm so offended. Not. Hahaha. It's been a running with joke with our group. I've a tendency kasi to change my list frequently na aatakihin sa puso ang secret elf ko. Promise, once a month lang ako magpapalit at hindi counted kapag sa FB wall ako nah-post, ha?

Here ends my 200th post, but that only. I will continue to blog and my friendship with the Mean Girls will remain always and forever.

Food Trip A-Z: Solibao

Door #1, Puso ng Baguio Building
Baguio City, Philippines 2600
Tel. No.: 074.442.3867

Sa Cafe by the Ruins namin balak mag-dinner pero dahil nagkaligaw-ligaw kami, closed na nung makita namin kaya sa Solibao sa Session Road kami napadpad. This resto was highly recommended by my friend and our tour guide, Aline. Hindi naman siya napahiya dahil winner ang food.

Ang mga turista.
Nakatulog na ata yung mag-asawa. Hehehe.
Eto raw gusto ni Eboy sa menu. Hahaha.
  What we ordered:

Java Rice sa cute na cute na kaldero. Good for one super hungry person or two slightly hungry persons.
Inihaw na Talong with Kamatis, Lazona & Baggoong. Palagay ko ito si puki-puki.
Their version of bagnet. Syempre mas masarap yung authentic bagnet from Ilocos pero pasado na din.
Beef kare-kare.
The star of the night - buttered chicken. I swear this is better than Bon Chon's. Sa sobrang sarap, babalik sana ako sa resto the day na pabalik kami ng Manila para bumili as pasalubong for my family. Ganon ang effect nya.


This is not a high-end resto so don't expect too much from the place. It only occupies one floor andmedyo maliit. It can get crowded and hot maski na nasa Baguio pa ito. But the staff are very accommodating and friendly. Food serving is usually for sharing unless you're madamot or talagang matakaw lang.

This is the place to dine in if madami kayo and limited budget. For everything we ordered, i.e., 3 kalderos of java rice, a tower and pitcher of iced tea, and the viands pictured above, we spent around P 2,500 only including taxes, etc. Not bad, db? And the buttered chicken, simply wow!!! Babalik ako dito just for the chicken.

Come back for our food trip at Cafe Will.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Food Trip A-Z: Sidetrip to Raisin Bread Shop

After lunch at Little John's in Camp John Hay, Aline's friend met us and brought us to Baguio's oldest and most exclusive club, the Baguio Country Club, to have coffee, and yes, of course, raisin bread, which they are known for. BCC's coffee/pastry shop is known as the Raisin Bread Shop

Kita nyo mga paper bags? Guess what's inside?

Waiting for our drinks to come.
Enjoying our drinks.
View from the Raisin Bread Shop.
What we ordered:

Since this was just a side trip, I didn't make an effort to remember the drinks we ordered. LOL

Mine. Almond butter something something frappe.
This I know. Hahaha. Joy's mango shake.
Aline's green tea frappe.

Next is dinner at Solibao in Session Road.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Update: An Open Letter to Groupon Philippines

Milo's 4th birthday almost became a nightmare. If it did, hinding-hindi ko talaga mapapatawad ang Groupon Philippines na yan!!! Puro sakit ng ulo ang dulot nila. Let me share.

Two weeks before Milo's birthday, I decided to use the uncancelled and unrefunded vouchers we purchased from Groupon last January pa. The vouchers were expiring na din, so gamitin na lang kesa hindi ma-refund, di ba? I emailed them right away to verify if the vouchers are still OK to use. A week later they replied that the vouchers were unused and are still valid. I made a reservation with Imperial Palace Suite right away. People from Imperial were very nice. They even waived the corkage of the cake since we are celebrating a birthday. Everybody happy!

On Milo's birthday, we arrived at Imperial around 6:30 PM. I gave the vouchers to the receptionist and she seated us. OK so far. When we were seated na, a staff approached me and informed me that the vouchers were CANCELLED and REFUNDED. Nag-init talaga ulo ko sa Groupon. I asked the guy if they have a contact with them as I would like to kill talk to them. Wala daw. The guy at Imperial was nice enough to tell us to go ahead and eat while they sort matters out. Nawalan ako ng gana. I swear. While my family was getting their food, hindi talaga ako mapakali. I emailed Groupon agad and as usual wala silang reply. Nag-reply na lang after 3 to 5 days. Walang kwenta!!!

I really don't know what happened in between. We ate maski inis na inis ako. Andun na kami, eh. Kung i-deny ang vouchers, eh, di magbayad, pero compute ako ng compute sa utak ko kasi I didn't have enough cash with me and intentionally left my CC at home. Kampante ako, eh. Imagine 900 x 8 plus 450 na half-charge kay Milo. Diosme!

In the end, I only paid for Milo's buffet. Eight lang kasi yung vouchers. Nakahinga ako ng maluwag pero na-trauma talaga ako sa Groupon. As soon as na-redeem ko na yubng vouchers, nag-request ako ng cancellation and in fairness, cancelled agad. Hindi man lang ako pinigilan. Hahaha.

To those who were victimized by Groupon Philippines, let us unite. They are unfair, inefficient, manggugulang! Ipa-Imbestigador natin!!!

From the DTI website:
For Consumer Complaints you may call:
  • DTI-Direct (632) 751-3330
  • DTI-NCR (National Capital Region clients) 811-8231
Or visit our Regional Office (National Capital Region clients):

Ms. Carolina I. Carbonell, Officer-In-Charge
Consumer Assistance and Protection Division (CAPD)
DTI-National Capital Region
12/F Trafalgar Plaza
105 HV Dela Costa Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Food Trip A-Z: Little John's

Food Trip A-Z goes on a road trip to Baguio City. Little Sister #2, unfortunately, wasn't able to come so she was temporarily replaced by my little brother (who was a previous special guest here), his wife, and a good friend of mine from work.

It was almost lunch when we got there. We headed to Casa Vallejo first for an early check-in and headed right away to Little John's at Camp John Hay to have lunch. Their famous BBQ rib was unavailable. We were disappointed, but since we were there na and we were hungry na rin, we ordered what was available na lang.

Mile-Hi Center, Camp John Hay,
Baguio City, Benguet

Us five. From L to R: my brother, his wife, my sitter, the blogger, and my friend
The Big Boss and his angels
The Hungry Ladies
 The Big Boss and the love of his life

The blogger and the friend on their first OOT trip

What we ordered:

Joy's lamb slices.

Chelly's all-veggie lasagna. It tasted good, but the plating could've been better if they used a different colored plate, di ba?
Chelly's taco salad, which I loved. Sarap promise. Very refreshing.
Eboy and Aline ordered the same thing - kebab with rice. Masarap sana kaya lang medyo matigas yung beef/pork.
My hoagie (pronounced as hogi) with a serving of potato salad. Yummy yung potato salad. Sana nag-separate order ako. Hahaha.

I find the place too teeny-weeny for my size. I guess it could get a little uncomfortable during busy hours. Feeling ko I was a bull in a china shop. Konting galaw, may mababasag ako. Hahaha. The tiny size added coziness, though. The walls were lined with artworks from previous customers.

The food was so-so. I was not very impressed. Yes, masarap pero I really wanted to taste the BBQ ribs kaya siguro feeling ko so-so lang yung food. Affordable naman and the iced tea came with one free refill. Pwede na din kesa wala, di ba?

When we go back to Baguio, we'd definitely go back here to taste the BBQ ribs. It's what we came for in the first place. Please, sana meron na!

Next stop, Baguio Country Club's Pastry Shop for some dessert.

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