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An Open Letter to Groupon Philippines

Do you even deserve a greeting for all the inconvenience you have caused? Oh,well! 

On January 23, 2012, my sister used my account (with my permission) and her credit card, purchased five vouchers for "All You Can Eat Buffet with Bottomless Iced Tea for P450 (P900 value) at Imperial Palace Suites (Up to 51% off)", which she planned to use on her birthday.
On January 24, 2012, we called Imperial Palace to make a reservation for January 25, but lo and behold, we were told that they were not accepting weekday reservations. The deal did not mention this or my sister would not have bought the vouchers in the first place. My sister is a lawyer and she is very keen to details.We read and re-read the deal on the site and the voucher to make sure we didn't miss something.

When we were 200% sure, I immediately called the customer service number on your site for clarification and kept getting a busy signal for one straight hour. So, I opted to email you instead. After three or more emails asking for a refund, I only received your standard unhelpful reply. I then posted a complaint on the Wall of your Facebook page and was surprised to find a more decent email right after.

Finally, on January 27, you replied. Hallelujah!!!

After replying that we choose to have a refund via credit card, I didn't hear from you again, which was fine at that time since you specified that it would take about 3-4 week for our request to be processed. In fact, I was so trusting that you'd address it immediately that I didn't actually bother following-up weekly. I took your word for it and I'm sorry that I did. My sister's credit card statement arrived and the payment for the vouchers were still debited. To date, a new credit card statement has arrived and the amount paid has not been refunded and, worst, I've not received a single email from you.

You're such a liar!!! On your site, you said that "whatever the query, you'll take care of it." Really, now?And you still have the nerve to promise that "Nothing is more important to us than treating our customers well.
If you ever feel like Groupon let you down, give us a call and we will return your purchase – simple as that." Who are you kidding? Definitely not me!!!Your customer service number is perennially busy and your email support is not any better. I've emailed three or four times since February and I have not received any response from you. Not even your useless, templated response.

Well I'm not surprised! I'm not the only member who's disappointed with your site. With these number of people complaining, don't you have any plans of doing something? Anything? Or maybe you're not aware that poor customer service is bad for your business.

 N.B. There were more complaints on their Wall. I only copied what appears to be most recent.

This in not a black propaganda against you or to taint whatever good reputation is left of your company. I'm just a majorly disappointed customer who wants to get back what is ours.

From a very disgruntled and soon to be ex-member of Groupon Philippines


Vayie...♥ said...

Oh! Groupon is beeconomic, right? Wow. Nakakatakot naman diyan. Buti na lang I haven't purchased a voucher from them yet.

Tintin.Tetay said...

Yes, Vayie. Same yung Groupon and Beeconomic. Worst discount site ever IMHO.

Vayie...♥ said...

Ay naku! I won't even get a coupon from them anymore. I don't transact with a credit card pa naman.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am a victim of Groupon Philippines as well. I was just done sending my email to DTI Davao to lodge a formal complaint when I googled for others who are similarly situated as I am. Thus, here I am =) What I lost financially may not be as substantial as yours but what really pissed me off about this site is their lack of sincerity (automated responses). This and their evident drive to make money for themselves (I keep on receiving emails not about my complaint but about new deals they are offering. I never received a personal email addressing the problem.

I do hope you and your lawyer sister succeeds in getting Groupon to pay. - Frustrated Groupon Member from Davao

Tintin.Tetay said...

@Frustrated Groupon Member from Davao

Thanks for your visit and your comment. To date, I still haven't heard from them. They are truly the worst. I'm going to follow your step and file a formal complaint na din with the DTI. How's your complaint na pala?

Anonymous said...

Their customer service really sucks. They don't answer emails and their phone number is either busy or no one is answering. I was promised 5-7 days delivery of my items and after a week I still haven't received them. Will definitely not buy from them again.

Anonymous said...

Here's the latest on my undelivered item with groupon... spoke with supplier who said Groupon ordered additional units of aqua aire and gave the list to them only today, May 7. The said that they, the supplier will be taking over delivery issues for these additional units because of the complaints they've been receiving . My order was amongst the very first batch ordered so how would it be that my purchase is found on the list of additional orders? Clearly Groupon made a big boo boo and botched up the orders. It also only implies how terribly disorganized and inefficient Groupon works. And btw they disabled my account from commenting on their fb page. Goes to show how they ignore anything negative

Anonymous said...

Oh Gee... and here I thought I am the only one complaining too much! Never mind the thought of parting with my hard earned 7.5k to a deal that's been refused, but the inconvenience of having to try dialing their customer service and the countless emails i have to write, that is what pains (and irritates) me the most! Incredible customer service daw o! Wala silang kwenta! Can somebody tell me how to lodge a formal complaint to dti? Kakaririn ko talaga to!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Im the one from Davao who posted about my complaint. DTI Davao tried contacting them but since they had no office here in davao, they had to forward it to the head office there in Manila. But the problem is, the I think they won't act on it unless others come forward too. Kasi I think it's mainly because what we lost was not substantial. However, what we are pushing here is righting a wrong. Groupon Philippines does not transact their business in a fair manner! and to think they send us an email about rating their reponse to our problem when they have not even addressed it! Please I urge you and others to send their complaints to DTI as well. Kasi what groupon is doing is illegal and nanloloko sila ng consumers

Tintin.Tetay said...

Anonymous May 19, 2012 2:16 PM

I feel you and you have every right to be raging mad with them. The worst talaga sila. I cancelled na my account with them. Ayoko na silang ka-deal. Will try to post an entry on how to file a formal complaint with DTI.

Anonymous May 21, 2012 1:19 PM

Thank you so much for the updates. How do we send a complaint to the DTI?

Anonymous said...

Yes i think you should post how to make a complaint to dti with regards to this. I thought iam the only one who had a bad experience with them. They are scamming people with their hard-earned money. Calling all victims who have lawyer friends. I think its about time they learn their lesson.

Mackay said...

I used Groupon PH or beeconomic once for my Rogue Magazine subscriptions & they delivered naman until issues of March & April didn't arrive. I emailed them & for added measure I also emailed Rogue. Groupon did not reply but Rogue Magazine did agad & I received my mags the same week. Still, I persisted on Groupon just to see if they'll reply which they did naman but the email came from Singapore after couple of weeks. Am guessing they don't actually have a HQ here in PH? My girlfriend has issues with Groupon UAE as she never got her orders & no reply from either merchant or supplier.

I use METRODEAL now for my bargain service shopping. So far they have delivered timely & all other queries have been answered promptly. I highly recommend that site as they have more deals than Groupon anyways.

Anonymous said...

naku, buti na lang i chanced upon this article/blog.. my bday is coming up pa naman this weekend and was planning to buy vouchers from them.. first time ko ita-try ang ganitong bilihan.. Salamat po sa lahat ng nag-comment dito..

Anonymous said...



John Lim said...

My regret is that sana nagresearch muna ako bago ako nagpurchase ng item from groupon.. I received a defective item and returned it for them to replace, pagdating ko dun out of stock na daw though kaktawag ko lang before i went to their office and their costumer representative told me na mapapalitan nila. after 1 month of frustration and inconvenience, a working one was sent kaso i had to pay again for the delivery samantalang hindi ko naman kasalanan na sira natangap ko. Never will i purchase anything from this company. Dapat irevoke ng DTI license nila d2 sa Pilipinas.

Anonymous said...

Same bad experience. I have 2 undelivered coupons...

Will wait for a post on complaining to DTI.


Monna Katrina said...

We have a very disappointing and frustrating experience with Groupon too. Until, our July 7, 2012 order for the Onda tablet still hasn't arrived. We tried emailing them and calling them to no avail. Their customer service definitely is the worst we've experienced, so far. If anyone has any updates on how to file a complaint with DTI, we're in. Every customer still deserves good customer service, regardless the cost of the item that has been purchased so I urge everyone who has been mistreated by this so-called professional company to come forward and lodge a complaint as well. The sooner this company is exposed for the fraud that it really is, the better so no consumers ever have to go through what I, we, went through.

Anonymous said...

Yep, very bad experience, their customer service sucks, what's the point of having a hotline that no one is answering. Email not any better. What you need to do is post in their Facebook page your complaints, post them everyday to all their deals, this got their attention. Finally had my complaints addressed.

Anonymous said...


I'm having a similar problem with Groupon. I purchased a voucher from them in October. It was an online course, and the merchant wasn't replying, so I couldn't use my voucher, and so I decided to ask for a refund. I called up on October 18 and 19 asking for a reversal. I was told it would take 3 weeks. I said that it's okay for me to wait.

After 4 weeks, I checked my credit card statement, and Groupon did not reverse the amount yet. So I called up on November 20 regarding the reversal status. I was told to just wait, maybe the credit card statement wasn't updated yet.

I don't know what I should do now. This morning I called again, and the lady I was talking to said that the on in charge of refunds wasn't in yet. She said she'll call within the day, but up to I haven't received any call.

They didn't even reply to my emails. The one who is replying to my emails is Groupon Singapore! They told me to route my queries to Groupon Philippines. I informed them that I did, but they're not replying.

Zach's Mom said...

Oh no! Buti nalang, I've stumble upon this blog. I'll purchase pa naman voucher for restaurant. Now I have to make sure first. Living Off Metrodeal

Anonymous said...

I love Groupon Philippines. I have used them so many times for restaurants, travel and products. The products sometimes take some time to receive but Groupon Philippines has never let me donw. I will continue to use them.

evelyn said...


m@rv!n said...

Guys, I'm also having trouble with Groupon. I ordered 2 items from them worth P3000 last year pa. It said that shipping would start on december. Until now, wala pa rin. What should I do?

Tintin.Tetay said...

@ evelyn and m@rv!n

Sorry to hear that. If you have a Facebook account, I suggest that you post your concern on their wall everyday para pansinin ka nila. When I just emailed them, took them weeks to reply, but when I started posting on their wall, ora mismo, may assistance. Groupon PH is the worst. I've deleted my account with them. HTH.

Tintin.Tetay said...

@ Anonymous December 27, 2012 at 9:21 AM

Glad to hear that Groupon works for you. I just don't trust them anymore.

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