Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The 2-minute Challenge

I was inspired by Vayielicious's post, but I modified it a bit to fit me. With two toddlers vying for my attention every 5 minutes or so, I need to make this really quick. I gave myself two minutes to come up with things I like and didn't like. A minute for each list. I used a pen and paper first to make my list. Here goes:

My likes:
(Disclaimer: My husband and my kids are my top likes so I no longer added them on my list. And, of course, the color purple.)

 Guns N' Roses' November Rain


 Big Bags


 Free WiFi

 Fruit Loops


Frozen Yogurt

British Accent

 Flat Shoes

Ice-cold Coke pa din

My dislikes:
Dirty Public Restrooms

 Waking Up Early

 Monthly Period

 Red Tape sa Gobyerno


 The Know-It-All

 Liver in my ulam

 Spiders regardless of the specie

Are you up to the challenge?

1 comment:

Vayie...♥ said...

Wow. Ang sipag mo naman with matching pictures pa. Well, sabagay. Hindi naman kasingdami nung list ko ang sa iyo.

You don't like dinuguan? Wow. I didn't know that huh!

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