Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Open Letter to Groupon Philippines

Do you even deserve a greeting for all the inconvenience you have caused? Oh,well! 

On January 23, 2012, my sister used my account (with my permission) and her credit card, purchased five vouchers for "All You Can Eat Buffet with Bottomless Iced Tea for P450 (P900 value) at Imperial Palace Suites (Up to 51% off)", which she planned to use on her birthday.
On January 24, 2012, we called Imperial Palace to make a reservation for January 25, but lo and behold, we were told that they were not accepting weekday reservations. The deal did not mention this or my sister would not have bought the vouchers in the first place. My sister is a lawyer and she is very keen to details.We read and re-read the deal on the site and the voucher to make sure we didn't miss something.

When we were 200% sure, I immediately called the customer service number on your site for clarification and kept getting a busy signal for one straight hour. So, I opted to email you instead. After three or more emails asking for a refund, I only received your standard unhelpful reply. I then posted a complaint on the Wall of your Facebook page and was surprised to find a more decent email right after.

Finally, on January 27, you replied. Hallelujah!!!

After replying that we choose to have a refund via credit card, I didn't hear from you again, which was fine at that time since you specified that it would take about 3-4 week for our request to be processed. In fact, I was so trusting that you'd address it immediately that I didn't actually bother following-up weekly. I took your word for it and I'm sorry that I did. My sister's credit card statement arrived and the payment for the vouchers were still debited. To date, a new credit card statement has arrived and the amount paid has not been refunded and, worst, I've not received a single email from you.

You're such a liar!!! On your site, you said that "whatever the query, you'll take care of it." Really, now?And you still have the nerve to promise that "Nothing is more important to us than treating our customers well.
If you ever feel like Groupon let you down, give us a call and we will return your purchase – simple as that." Who are you kidding? Definitely not me!!!Your customer service number is perennially busy and your email support is not any better. I've emailed three or four times since February and I have not received any response from you. Not even your useless, templated response.

Well I'm not surprised! I'm not the only member who's disappointed with your site. With these number of people complaining, don't you have any plans of doing something? Anything? Or maybe you're not aware that poor customer service is bad for your business.

 N.B. There were more complaints on their Wall. I only copied what appears to be most recent.

This in not a black propaganda against you or to taint whatever good reputation is left of your company. I'm just a majorly disappointed customer who wants to get back what is ours.

From a very disgruntled and soon to be ex-member of Groupon Philippines

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The 2-minute Challenge

I was inspired by Vayielicious's post, but I modified it a bit to fit me. With two toddlers vying for my attention every 5 minutes or so, I need to make this really quick. I gave myself two minutes to come up with things I like and didn't like. A minute for each list. I used a pen and paper first to make my list. Here goes:

My likes:
(Disclaimer: My husband and my kids are my top likes so I no longer added them on my list. And, of course, the color purple.)

 Guns N' Roses' November Rain


 Big Bags


 Free WiFi

 Fruit Loops


Frozen Yogurt

British Accent

 Flat Shoes

Ice-cold Coke pa din

My dislikes:
Dirty Public Restrooms

 Waking Up Early

 Monthly Period

 Red Tape sa Gobyerno


 The Know-It-All

 Liver in my ulam

 Spiders regardless of the specie

Are you up to the challenge?
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