Saturday, August 6, 2011

Parpolised is Threefic!!!

Three years ago, I moved from Friendster-hosted blog to here. A lot have changed since then - my templates, my layouts, my topics, etc,etc. I started out as a self-centered blogger. It was just me, myself, and I. Then, I got married and had a kid and another kid. My blog changed with my life.

As tribute to Parpolised for 3 years of wonderful blogging, I'm sharing with you 12 random bits and pieces of trivia.

1. I only had 36 posts in my first year in Blogger.
2. My 1st post was From Friendster to Blogger.
3. My 1ooth post was 3 Things To Do on My 31st Year.
4. The post with the most comments generated was Mommy Moments - Rainbow Colors. It had 16 comments.
5. The 1st comment I received was on 08-28-08 from my dear friend and fellow blogger, Vayielicious. Unfortunately, 20+ comments are hosted by Haloscan and I can no longer retrieve it. Related story here.
6. The 1st "official" comment I received on Blogger was still from Vayielicious. And to date, she is my top commenter. Thanks, Vay!!!

A screenshot of my 1st "official" Blogger comment.

7. The 1st meme I participated in was Friday Fill-Ins hosted by Janet. Read here.
8. This is the 1st time I'm "celebrating" my blog's versary.
9. The "scientific name"of Parpolised is "Surprisingly Beautiful". In this post, I explained how the name came about.
10. The trending topics of Parpolised are "Milo" and "Pretzel". Ever since I've had children, I can't stop talking/writing about them.
11. The post with the most pageviews at 314 is Yammy Tintin for Mommy Nature.
12. Internet Explorer tops pageviews by browser at 3,098.

The draw for the giveaway is not pushing through at 9PM tonight. There weren't enough participants and there's this thing with DTI. Anyway, we're just happy to be three!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mommy Moments: Super Hero

Milo's 1st birthday cake was DC-themed.

Milo was Robin on his 1st birthday.

But, wait! These are not Milo's and Pretzel's superheroes. Their heroes are cuter, cuddlier, and more lovable - the Jollifriends!!!

Top (left to right): Popo, Jollibee, and Yum
Bottom (left to right): Twirlie, Jollifriends, and Hetty

More kids and their superheroes at Mommy Moments.

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!!!

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