Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Commitment to Change : Coca-Cola is NOT!!!

Before I turned 32 last year, I promised myself that I'd stop drinking Coke and all other sodas. I have diabetes. I know dapat huwag ng matigas ang ulo ko, but I cannot help it so I switched to the sugarless version. Not good pa din according to my doctor. Water na lang daw if I want to live longer. Of course, I want to. I want to see my grandkids pa noh!!!

I'm a heavy water drinker, but it seems that for every glass of water I take a glass of Coke din. You see what really scares me aside from the diabetes? My kids are also getting into the habitna. All of us at home are soda drinkers. There's "softdrink" on our table EVERY meal. If there's leftover pa from dinner,we have it pa in the morning. Others have coffee, we have Coke.

I am aware of the ill-effects of too much soda and I tried quitting in Januray 2001 (or 2002) as my New Year's resolution. I was good for four months until I had withdrawal symptoms. Bonggang-bonggang sakit ng ulo at throw-ups ang inabot ko for 3 effing days. Took a glass or two of Coke, rested, and when I woke up, I felt whole lot better. Coke and I reconciled and our love affair flourished. Parang 'til death do us part pero ako lang yung mamamatay!!!

No to Soda!!!

But some "good" things do not last. I now wish to end my probably 20, 25 years of love affair with Coke and other sodas. This time, I'm taking it seriously. This is why I blogged it. I want to make a commitment to the world. So, starting August 1,2011, I'd quit drinking Coke, etc. I'd start with baby steps, then run, and jump. For August, I'd stop having Coke every meal. Wala na sa lunch. In September, wala na sa lunch and dinner. By January 1, 2012 dapat recovered Coke addict na ako.

This is not a campaign against Coca-cola. This is my personal choice. Let's just say that I've had drank enough to last me a lifetime. Hindi naman sila malulugi dahil isang consumer lang naman ako. Suportado pa din sila ng nanay at kapatid ko.

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