Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mommy Moments - I am a Daddy!

So my late posting for MM has become a bad habit. My apologies again. I was planning on skipping this month's MM, but when I saw the topics, I cannot resist. June is a special month for my husband. It's his birthday. Also, it's Father's Day. As a tribute to the #1 man in my life, I vow to complete this month's Mommy Moments.

I first got pregnant in 2006 and we were both shocked and surprised. We both thought that we're not capable of having babies. After the shock and surprise wore off, we were just simply happy, but after a couple of weeks, we learned that I was having a missed abortion. At 9 weeks and 5 days, the baby in my tummy, which we called "Gon", showed no signs of cardiac activity. The happiness we felt suddenly turned in to gloom and despair. Read more here.

We have no pictures of who could have been our first born. All we have left are ultrasound reports. Pictures of our little one looking like a kidney bean, but for Jowell and I, that was the most beautiful kidney bean we have seen.

Here lies our angle, Gon.

As the cliche goes, when God closes a door, Mama Mary opens a window, and she opened two windows for us. After the tragic incident in 2006, we were blessed with two wonderful children in 2008 and 2009, respectively. You can read Milo's birthing story here and Pretzel's here.

In both instances, Jowell was overjoyed. He's dream of becoming a daddy has been fulfilled twice.

Jowell and Milo in 2008.

Jowell and Pretzel in 2009.

Fatherhood is a huge responsibility. While Jowell scores low on this department at times, he tries and tries again. He never gives up and I believe that one day he'll score a 99.99% on fatherhood. For the meantime, here's a and a for him to keep him inspired.


Witchy Crazy Mommy said...

I love the names of your babies, they are simply cute. Don't worry my husband is also the same, we've had our daughter for 3 years and he still panics at the sight of poop or the sound of crying.

Tetcha said...

I can relate! My husband needs to be told every time what he needs to do. He's simply not that hands-on with our boy, but he makes up for that in some other ways. Happy MM! Here's my entry:

Mirage said...

Love all your kids names(nicknames?). Is Gon a name from the anime?

I happened to have 2 friends who also got miscarriages but was gifted with 2 babies, like you on consecutive years. Twice blessed, so to say. I just love how your photo shows their dad is very caring. Enjoy the week and thanks for the visit.

Pinx said...

thanks for the visit! what's good is that your hubby tries his best!

Trish said...

eventhough you lost your supposed first baby, God blessed you with 2 precious ones! thanks for the visit! have a great week ahead. :)

kimmy said...

that was such a very touching story.. having a baby and losing him before even getting a chance to hold him was really sad. i can imagine how you held on to each other and comforted each other so that you can move on. your two kids are proof of the strength that binds you together..

care to visit MY ENTRY?

jeng said...

That was quite a struggle that you had to go through and I admire you and your hubby for being strong and always keeping the faith. Thanks for the MM visit!

Chris said...

what a story! and great names for your kids ha! :P

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