Friday, June 24, 2011

Mommy Moments - Father's Day 2011

Unfortunately. Father's Day in our family is not as much celebrated as Mother's Day. At 12 mn, I just greeted and kissed my husband. When morning came, the kids greeted their Yaddy with their bulol version of Happy Father's Day. Kuya Milo sang Happy Birthday. Hahaha. We didn't mind since it's his Yaddy's birthday naman the next day.

The last three MoMos were dedicated to the father of my children. This final MoMo is for my father. As I've said, I may now have a last name, but I will always be my father's daughter. I love you, Papa.

Papa with his darling daughters and apo. Taken last Mother's Day 2010.

To end this series of MoMo, I'm sharing with you a video of one of my favorite songs of all time. Papa and I danced to this song on my wedding day.

Courtesy of YouTube.

Trivia from A Butterfly Kiss is a kiss that does not involve the lips. It is when two people put their eyes close to each other and flutter their eyelashes. Think blinking really fast while pressing your face to another person.


Tess @ A Natural Mama said...

I like that song, too! No matter how we spend a special occasion, what's important is we spend it with people close to our heart. Dropping by via "Mommy Moments". I hope you can visit my entry, too - Thanks in advance and God bless!

kimmy said...

awww... that was so SWEET!

My entry is right HERE!

Chris said...

a beautiful song indeed! thanks for joining us again this week and i look forward to seeing you again next week where we will have a new theme :)

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