Friday, March 18, 2011

Mommy Moments - Purple

Milo is MIA in this entry. He doesn't have a purple shirt and I can't find a single picture of him holding Barney (the purple dino) or him sleeping on his little sister's purple pillow or maski a picture of the time he had a fall and had a purplish bruise. Oh, well. Pretzel has some from her younger years and here's one when she was barely a month old.

Donned in all-purple for her 1st pedia visit.


I had a feeling that Milo had something purple somewhere and I was right. Check it out!

Milo with Pretzel and Mommy wearing a purple dress.


anne said...

Looks so cute and adorable with her purple jammies.

Mommy Moments

Pinx said...

happy little baby on PJs! visiting your MM entry. hope you can visit mine:

chubskulit said...

She's so cute.. pati page mo purple, wow!

Purple Galore at my page, have a good weekend!

caroline said...

purple or not, your baby is so cute! ;)

Chris said...

so pretty! :D nice to see you mommy :) happy mommy moments!

Mars said...

awww 1st pedia visits are a keeper! ^^,

Happy MM! :) Here's my purple entry:

Mars @ The Life Encounters

kimmy said...

that was very cute!

Cheerful said...


PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...wishing you a great week!

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