Sunday, May 2, 2010

Favorite Things

An overdue tag from Vayie.

  1. Flats: I'm 5'8" tall and weigh around 180+ lbs and the most logical footwear of choice is flats unless I want to standout BIG time.
  2. White and silver Christmas edition Havs: This is my most comfortable pair of Havs to date.
  3. Omax wristwatch given by Jowell: Aside from the fact that it was a gift from my husband, the hint of purple/lavender on the face makes it an instant favorite.
  4. Books: I'm a bookaholic. Read here.
  5. MnP: Siyempre naman! Just look at them. Aren't they adorable?
  6. Ketchup: A childhood favorite that remained.
  7. Goody wide-tooth comb: I've had this comb forever. Untangles my hair well.
  8. Mercury Drugstore glass: It's the biggest glass in the house and I drink a lot at during mealtimes and nakakapagod magpabalik-balik sa water dispenser to refill.
  9. Makes scrapbooking a breeze. Love, love this site.
Ikaw, what are your favorite things?

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