Friday, January 29, 2010

Tintin's Tip(s) No. 2: Baby's Home

After 3-4 days in the hospital, Yammy and baby are ready to go home. Based on my personal experiences, here are the stuff that you need to prepare ahead for the little one's arrival.

1. Air conditioner

Yes, if you can afford it (and the additional monthly bill that comes with it), go get one. The weather in our country tends to be hot and humid even during the -ber months. Just keep the temperature at a reasonable setting. Babies feel more warm compared to adults that a "cold" setting could still be "warm" for them. What I did was dress them lightly (i.e. long-sleeved tie-side shirt, pajamas, socks, and mittens), then cover them up with a sleeping sack.

Make sure that the filter is regularly cleaned.

2. A couple of towels

Baby towels are smaller compared to adult towels, hence, these are easier to manage. I personally did not use these to dry the babies after bath. I just used the towels to make sapin the bed cover. I used hooded towels to dry the babies after bath instead.

3. Hooded towels

As these are smaller than baby towels, these are easier to use when drying the babies after bath. Two to three are enough. I don't change towels every day unless these have been peed or pooped on. I change their towels every week under normal circumstances. I just make sure that these are sun-dried every after use.

4. A bathtub and a baby bather

First time mommies are very brand conscious. When I was pregnant with MiLo, I wanted everything "branded". I equated the brand with quality. Pero siyempre, kapag Fisher Price bathtub ang binili mo, expect to pay more. I recommend getting the Orocan bathtub. It's matibay and only costs 1/4 of the price of a branded tub. Mag-kamukha din naman besides your baby won't be using the tub for a very long time.

Instead of a bath seat, get a baby bather instead. I just feel a baby bather is safer for smaller babies.

baby bather

baby seat

5. Wash cloths

Just make sure to choose soft, cotton-like material to ensure that the baby's skin is not hurt.

6. Toiletries

I like top-to-toe washes because these are easy to use. Finding the perfect wash is trial and error. Look out for allergic reactions. Ask your pedia for suggestions. We started with Lactacyd baby wash, then tried Enfant, and eventually ended with J&J.

Have a stock of cotton swabs for cleaning the ears and nose after bath and a bottle of 70% isoprophyl alcohol for the umbilical stump.

7. Baby bottles

Even if you're breastfeeding, it's always better to have at least 6 2 oz baby bottles around because you'll never know when you need it. Prepare a sterilizer na din (I prefer the automatic type), bottle and nipple brush, and bottle tongs.

bottle tongs

8. Cabinet or Drawer

To store and organize baby's stuff. It's always a good idea to get them their own cabinet para you don't have to rummage through your entire wardrobe just to find a pair of mittens or booties. And baby cabinets are just too cute to be ignored.

You can have it custom-made by your karpintero or buy it ready-made at a furniture shop.

9. Crib

I recommend buying the one with a removable bassinet on top. We bought a wooden crib for MiLo in the beginning, but he only used it for 6 months and we bought another crib. Sayang, di ba? The removable bassinet can be used by younger babies and it can be removed and stored once the baby gets older.

But, if you're co-sleeping, a couple of bolster pillows will do.

Hope this helps. Until net time, ciao!

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