Monday, January 25, 2010

Pretzel's Side Trip

Pretzel's journey wasn't so smooth. Her pediatrician informed me on December 21st, a day after her birth, that she has neonatal pneumonia and that she wasn't coming home with us the next day. She needed to stay for 7 more days for her treatment.

I only got to see my big baby when she was 2 days old. My heart broke when I saw a couple of tubes/gadgets attached to her tiny feet. One was for the administration of her medicines and the other to monitor her vital signs. She might be a big baby, but she is still very fragile. I longed to hold her in my arms.

Tubes attached to her tiny feet.
She is a day old.

I spent 30 minutes or so just staring at her. She is peacefully sleeping and said a quick prayer for her fast recovery. I apolgized to her for not taking good care of myself when she was still in me and that she had to suffer in the end. I said my goodbyes and she suddenly cried. I felt that she knew I was leaving her. The nurse told me that I can carry her. With the tubes attached to her, I was hesitant. I might hurt her, but the nurse assured me that it was alright.

I carried her with tender loving care. I sang her a lullaby and rocked her in my arms. She was comforted and fell asleep in an instant. I needed to go back to my room as I will be discharged any time. I put her back to her bassinet and she stirred and cried again. I picked her up once more and assured her that I'll be back tomorrow to visit her and that I'll be back every day until it's time for her to go home.

I left the NICU with a heavy heart, but I know that the doctors and nurses will take good care of her in my absence.

Pretzel spent her 1st Christmas at the hospital. While we celebrated at home, she was in the company of complete strangers. Strangers, who like her, were not celebrating with their families to take care of her and the other babies.

All set to go home.

A few more days passed and on the 28th, Pretzel went home. At present. Pretzel is doing very, very well and still gaining weight. At one month old, she is 9.9 lbs.

Pristine Yzabel
1 month old/9.9 lbs


Vayie said...

I know that girl is gonna make it. Too bad she spent her first Christmas at the hospital, but that's something you can make "kuwento" to her when she grows up. I

Mom Daughter Style said...

she looks like a healthy baby so cute

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