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Pretzel's Journey

Rewind to May 03, 2009

I had 2 menstrual cycles back in March, skipped in April, and took a pregnancy test in May.


Rewind to May 16, 2009

It was confirmed through transvaginal ultrasound that I was 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant. My expected date of delivery was December 31, 2009.

Although the results were good, I wasn't too ecstatic. Finding out I was pregnant again in less than 2 years made me anxious and depressed for a short period of time. I was not ready in all aspects. Hindi ko pa nga masyadong nae-enjoy si MiLo, eh, may bagong baby na. I felt guilty at the same time as I was taking the pregnancy for granted. I skipped prenatal check-ups, didn't take my vitamins, didn't follow my diet, etc, etc. Then, out of obligation, I kept my appointments, took my medicines, and became a good patient again. But, I was still blaming my husband for getting me pregnant. I was like this for a couple of weeks until it hit me.

Rewind to September 23, 2009

I've noticed a drastic decrease in P's fetal activity since last night. P's a very malikot baby. In a day, I can feel P moving around 40-50 times, but at bedtime last night, I didn't feel P at all. I relaxed and tried to sleep thinking that maybe P has gone to sleep and will resume the kalikutan in the morning. All throughout the day, I was focusing on P's movement. The slightest sign would give me temporary relief, but deep down, I was scared.

Time dragged at work and as soon as the clock hit 3, I was out. I texted my OB right away, but I have already decided to go to TMC to have P's heartbeat checked. Maski kaninong OB. I was desperate and beginning to get paranoid. The entire trip from my place of work to TMC took about an hour and a half and I only felt P slightly move for 5 times, which is NOT so normal. I tried to remain calm while waiting at the OB's clinic. I browsed my mobile phone for MiLo's pictures to keep myself relaxed. Me being stressed out will do P no good. It took ages before Dr. Torres was able to accommodate me. He checked P's heartbeat and during the entire check-up, I only felt P twice. He assured me that P has a heartbeat, but he advised me to have a BPS tomorrow. I bargained with him if I can have it done on Saturday as I have work. He said NO!

I called my OB when I got home. She advised me to have my congenital anomaly scan tomorrow. I tried to bargain with her again and, naturally, she said NO! She has informed me that if P's state proves to be weak, I can't deliver P yet as P will not survive at 26 weeks. I knew that was coming and forced myself again to remain calm and understand Dr. Toy's instructions. I held back tears until the call was ended.

Rewind to September 24, 2009

The results of the congenital anomaly scan were all normal. P has good cardiac activity and no gross anomalies were detected.

Rewind to November 25, 2009

I had an insulin overdose after my endocronologist and I had a misunderstanding with the administration of the drug. I was advised by my OB-gynist to have a BPS and a fetal non-stress test (NST) to determine P's state of well-being. All is well with God's blessing.

Rewind to December 02, 2009

I was advised to have Estimated Fetal Weight determination and NST until delivery since I had gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). My doctors fear that I might be carrying a big baby and they were right.

Rewind to December 02, 2009

At 36 weeks and 6 days, my OB has given me my admission letter stating that I was to be admitted under her services and for vaginal delivery.

Rewind to December 12, 2009

At 37 weeks and 2 days, my cervix is closed, but effaced. I gave birth to MiLo at 37 weeks and 5 days.

P's EFW is 8 lbs and I was scheduled to have another EFW determination the following week.

Rewind to December 19, 2009

Here begins our birthing story.

around 12 noon

I had another BPS and at 38 weeks and 2 days, P's EFW has increased by 15 oz. As I had no scheduled check-up that day, I immediately called my OB and informed her of P's EFW and she was shocked that P has gained almost another pound (0.9375 to be exact) in only a week. She advised a C-section delivery at 8:30AM the following day and I was like "hu-whaaaat?!?".

around 4PM

Jowell and I went to her clinic as advised. She has given me another admission letter, but this time, I was to be admitted for C-section delivery. She explained why I can no longer have a Natural Spontaneous Delivery or normal birth. First, my labor was not progressing as an effect of the GDM. Second, if we wait until my 40th week, the baby will only get bigger and with my condition (hypertension + GDM + superimposed pre-eclampsia), a C-sec is inevitable.

We were excited to see P before Christmas, but we were not ready for a C-sec delivery. We were only prepared for a normal delivery without any complications and accommodations to a private room.

around 6:ooPM

I still went to SM Fairview to get an abdominal binder. Afterwards, we had dinner at Wendy's and went home thereafter.

around 9:30PM

Together with my husband, my parents, brother, and a cousin, we all trooped to FEU-NRMF. Again, just like with MiLo, I walked myself to the ER and did the paperworks myself. Once again, "I missed the drama of panicking if my water bag broke at an ungodly hour and sending my otherwise calm husband into a panic mode" (quoted from here).

After the SOPs, I was finally officially admitted at 1o:21PM and wheeled to my suite as all private rooms, semi and big/small were occupied. My mind started to compute the expenses and was stressed in the process.

Rewind to December 20, 2009

12 midnight

I was finally settled in and Jowell and I called it a day.

around 1:30AM

After waiting for the labor to begin, ironically, it all happened when I was already scheduled to have a C-sec. I wasn't supposed to go into labor. Scheduled CS na nga ako, di ba?!? At mamaya ng alas-otso y media yun!!! I endured the pain for over an hour or two making sure that I was actually in labor before waking up Jowell. I tossed and turned in bed as I counted the gaps between the contractions. The gaps were between 10-20 minutes pa lang.

around 3:00AM

When the contractions were 5-10 minutes apart na lang, I got up and woke up Jowell. While waiting for him to come into his senses, I walked around the room to lessen the pain.

When he finally woke up, the contractions were less than 5 minutes apart na lang and he called the nurse's station na. A resident was immediately sent to monitor my progress and my blood pressure.

My cervix was finally dilated and
the previous schedule set by my OB was moved from 8:30AM to 5:30 AM.

between 4:00 - 4:30AM

Two orderlies and a nurse went to my room to bring me to the delivery room. A pangpa-kalma was injectected on my arm before I was wheeled to the DR.

between 4:30 - 5:25AM

Outside the DR, I knew I fell asleep while they were preparing the room and themselves for the delivery. Whatever they injected to me was doing its work well. I was relaxed and barely noticed the people around me.

According to my Operation Record (OR), the spinal anesthesia aka SAB was administered at 5:13AM.
I had the same anesthesiologist so I knew I was in good hands. I'm more scared of the administration of the anesthesia rather than the delivery itself. I've heard stories kasi of overdose resulting to a vegetative state.

After the SAB was induced, my
anesthesiologist placed a pointed object (which I thought was a needle and later found out from my husband that it was the instrument my OB used to slice me) on my tummy and asked if it was "masakit" or "nakapatong lang". While the trials were made, I started shivering and when all "needle" tests were "nakapatong lang", my OB started the CS procedure at 5:25 AM.

5:38 AM

Pristine Yzabel Corpuz dela Cruz

I felt nothing and was slighty aware of what was happening around me. I knew that P was out when I felt a push on the top of my tummy, probably a fundal push, and my OB said "Tina, ang laki ng baby mo." And another commented, "Pwede nang binyagan."

I knew someone brought P to my bedside to breastfeed, but I was too sleepy to even catch a glimpse of my big baby.

Present Time

Taken on January 01, 2009

Pretzel has gained another pound since then. She, literally, is a bouncing baby girl. She is doing well in spite of the kapalpakans I had with the pregnancy.

Holding her in my arms and seeing her toothless smile, makes me regret BIG time the day I wish I was not pregnant with her. I now regret the day when I kept blaming Jowell for knocking me up again in less than 2 years. Pretzel and I had a rough journey, but we weathered it out with God's grace and the support of our family and loved ones.

Pretzel's journey has began.

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Vayie said...

What a journey, but I guess it's worth it. Tignan mo naman...Pretty girl (parang mas mabilis siyang lumaki kesa kay MiLo noon) :)

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