Friday, January 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Thanks for the the tag, Vayie. The rule looks easy enough. Let me try.

Rule: Share 7 confessions and tag 7 blogbuddies.

1. I had a kodigo when I retook my compre exams back in college. Take note, essay yung exams. Hahaha.

2. I have never been in a motel until I was married and we checked in because we haven't slept well due to the 2 (or maybe even 3) days blackout in our area.

3. I cannot do number 2 without reading anything.

4. I want to publish my own book. I have actually drafted one years back based on our love story and planned to give it to Jowell (who was just my boyfriend then) as an anniversary gift. We got married na and had kids and all, but I never got to finish writing it.

5. It frustrates me that I cannot wear sleeveless tops/gowns/dresses.

6. Aside from my husband, sisters, and brother, I don't have a best friend. I had one years ago, but we had a falling out because of a boy. Gawd! We are pathetic. Almost 6-7 years of friendship all gone to waste and she didn't even end up with him either. Sana nagkatuluyan na lang sila para hindi naman nasayang ang pagkakaibigan namin.

7. When I'm nagtatampo with my husband, I watch our wedding video and the tampo subside.

I'm tagging my fellow beautiful bloggers (naks!):


Vayie said...

Natawa naman ako sa #3, #6 is sayang - boys shouldn't really come between friendship and #7 is touching. :)

mommyhazel said...

hi sis! thanks for the tag!!! :))

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