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Tintin Digest No. 3

While I still have the time...

Random Thoughts on my 2nd pregnancy and baby P

  • I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but this pregnancy is totally unplanned. It's not that Pregnancy 1 was planned, but Pregnancy 2 came as a BIG surprise. Looking back, we shouldn't be at all surprised pala. When you make love unprotected, expect the unexpected. So, instead of the 3-year gap we planned, baby 2 came 2 years earlier.
  • Finding out I was pregnant again in less than 2 years made me anxious and depressed for a short period of time. I was not ready in all aspects. Hindi ko pa nga masyadong nae-enjoy si MiLo, eh, may bagong baby na. I felt guilty at the same time as I was taking the pregnancy for granted. I skipped prenatal check-ups, didn't take my vitamins, didn't follow my diet, etc, etc. Then, out of obligation, I kept my appointments, took my medicines, and became a good patient again. But, I was still blaming my husband for getting me pregnant. I was like this for a couple of weeks until it hit me. Read story here. Whether a pregnancy is planned or unplanned, it is a blessing that we should embrace. Not all are given the opportunity to be a mother. I thank God that in spite of all my kapalpakans, P is well. I'm sorry P for my shortcomings. I have my entire lifetime to make it up to you.
  • I'm 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant. My OB has given my admission letter just in case I go on labor before my next appointment. My cervix has not dilated, but it has soften na daw, whatever that means.
  • I've been nesting, too. I've packed, unpacked, and packed again our hospital bags. I'm so ready to pop. Hahaha. I've also re-arranged P's drawer and was overwhelmed with her clothes. Ang dami! She has over 20 onesies in newborn size alone. Maski every hour siyang magpalit ng damit, hindi siya mauubusan. Namigay na nga ako ng ilang damit for my SIL's upcoming baby and madami pa din.

Our hospital bags. OA ako mag-empake. Kala mo magtra-travel kami.

Ang mga naayos ko pa lang. Madami pa sa cabinet.

Sabi syo madami pa, eh!

For my SIL's upcoming baby.
  • I'm actually scared of giving birth this time. I have preconceived knowledge na kasi na painless is not 100% pain-free.
  • Now that I have resolved all my issues with this pregnancy, I'm praying for a safe and normal delivery. Please include as in your prayers.
  • After this, ayoko na talagang mabuntis. Hindi na ko magpapauto sa asawa ko. Hahaha.
Random Thoughts on MiLo
  • MiLo has said his very first official word. Yes, he babbles all the time and say things like Tata (for aunt), Lala (for lola), some German-sounding word when he points to a bulb, but last week he said "Ganda" while pointing to the well-lit giant Christmas tree displayed outside Robinson's. We were stunned. How in the world was he able to co-relate "ganda" to the Christmas tree? Alam na ba nya meaning ng maganda? Oh, well. The many surprises of toddlerhood.
  • He also now makes the "eng" sound when playing with his toy cars. Saan din nya napulot yun?
  • Once there was a huge gift beside our tree, but after a few days, wala na. Naiinip ang recipient. Hahaha.


  • MiLo is so lakwatsero. When you mention the word SM or pasyal, his face lights up and gives us his most adorable smile. When he hears the car starting up, naku, he goes loco. When his not kasama sa lakad, he makes this really funny face.
  • He's growing up looking like his Papa Lolo.

Is it just me or there is indeed a striking resemblance?
  • When other kids see a camera, they strike a pose and smile. When MiLo sees a camera, he picks his nose. Seriously.
OK lng. Cute pa din naman.
  • One time I heard him humming the ABC. I thought I was only hearing things, but I heard it again while we were waiting for You Tube to load eensy weensy spider.

His current favorite video. He can imitate the actions, too.

Tambayan ni MiLo.

With Mama Lola.
  • MiLo is approaching the Terrible Two stage. Nonetheless, he never ceases to amaze us with his crazy antics and his smile just melts our hearts away. No matter how kulit and likot he gets, we are crazy over him. It brings so much joy in my heart whenever I see my parents and siblings light up with joy when they see MiLo. He brings us so much happiness that we tend to spoil him. Hahaha.
Random Thoughts on Romanticizing My Marriage

1 of the 3 things I resolve to do on my 31st year is to romanticize my marriage. Read here. Since then, Jowell and I have been on 2 dates.
  • We saw "New Moon" on its 2nd day of showing. I truly appreciate it when he comes with me to see the movies I like. We sat in the dark holding hands like a couple of teenagers on their first movie date. Although, we didn't have dinner out, I truly enjoyed the night as it gave Jowell and I the chance to be just husband and wife.
  • Our most recent date was last December 6. We bought clothes for Christmas as the family decided to have a color theme. The ladies are wearing green and the gentlemen, including MiLo, are wearing red. After a quick shopping, we had dinner at Shakey's. This I like. Hahaha.
Random Thoughts on Work
  • After over 3 years with ATO, I was transferred to another queue. Surprisingly, I welcomed the change with open arms. Please don't get me wrong. I love my old queue. I've made good friends will all of my teammates, but it's high time to move on. Most of my friends have either resigned, transferred to a different queue, or promoted. It was only Febe and I who were left among the pioneer batch. Lahat bago na. I have nothing against the newbies, I just wish that they will learn to love the queue as much as we did. It's now on their hands. Goodluck.
  • I like my new queue for 2 reasons. 1. The metrics are lower. 2. I finally got a PDP of over 4. Woohoo! Sayang lang as I had to go on maternity leave na.
  • Yes, I still have plans of resigning. In fact, I've been busy lately with my application. I just hope all ends well and have a new job come next year. I will keep you posted on this.
Random Thoughts on Christmas and Gift-giving
  • Christmas is my all-time favorite season, but this year the magic has not caught with me yet. I can't plan as I'm not sure whether I'll be giving birth before, during, or after Christmas. I wish I'd give birth before Christmas, though. I don't want to miss the festivities. But, I know that I'll give birth to P in God's own beautiful time.
  • I haven't started shopping for gifts yet. Not even for our little one. Oh, I'm so bad! I'll do it as soon as I can.
  • I know times are tough, but I think we shouldn't be giving gifts that we wouldn't want to receive ourselves. Do you wish to receive a tacky gift? It's OK not to splurge, pero don't give naman something na obviously hindi pinagisipan. Yung tipong nagsusumigaw na cheap. Feeling ko kasi kapag ganun, eh, napilitan ka lang magbigay out of necessity dahil kapatid ng partner mo or partner ng kapatid mo or someone na hindi importante pero expected nila na magbibigay ka. I suggest na don't give na lang at all kasi, well, at least for me, it's downright insulting. Just my two-cents worth.
Random Thoughts on Every Thing Else
  • My email account got hacked. Some low-life sent a message in German to my contacts. I had to email all of them explaining that it wasn't me. The nakakainis na part lang was I had to change all the passwords of my other online accounts. Andami nun. Grrrr.
  • With the new baby coming, will we survive financially? Hay! Just thinking of all the expenses that comes with the new baby stresses me out. Mag-OFW na lang kaya ako after I give birth? Double hay!
  • May the victims of the Maguindanao massacre and their families find justice quick.
  • I've chosen my presidentiable unless he does something really nakaka-turn off.
  • 2 of my contributions to Smart Parenting magazine were published. Sayang! Walang prize. Hehehe.
  • Finally, I'm able to do the tag from Hazel. Thank you.

1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo/s.
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
4. Nominate other blogger moms out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

MiLo and I @ Dad's Glorietta.

My best experience as a mom is I get the opportunity to raise a child that God has blessed me with.

I'm nominating Ate Tim and Joanna.

That's all, folks. My next update will probably after I have given birth na. Happy holidays and don't forget the reason why we are celebrating the season. Have a meaningful Christmas.

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