Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Name Game: Pangalanan si P Contest Update No. 8

The Big Reveal. Now na.

First, I apologize for the delay in the announcement of the winner of baby P's official name. My BP elevated early this morning and I opted to rest instead. Thanks for understanding.

Second, my appreciation to all those who participated in this little contest of ours. My husband and I are grateful for all your suggestions.

Third, our sincerest gratitude to my dear friend, Jen, for helping us judge and choose P's name. Finally, Jen, P is safe from being a "Precious" or other primitive names we have thought of before.

Fourth, as promised, here's a list of the names that were suggested:
  1. Patrice Ryzel
  2. Pristine Yzabel
  3. Prima Yzabel
  4. Precious Hazel
  5. Prema Liezel
  6. Prescilla Grizel
  7. Pretty Jowzel
  8. Pristine Anzel
  9. Priscilla Jazzel
  10. Patricia Ruzzle
  11. Preya Zelene
  12. Presca Gizelle
  13. Preeti Zelina
  14. Perzsike Zelena
  15. Premila Zelene
  16. Perzsike Zelene
  17. Precious Zelyna
  18. Pretina Zelene
  19. Precilla Zelia
  20. Preeda Zelia
  21. Preema Zelena
  22. Pretinna Jozzel
  23. Preya Crizel
  24. Preya Heartzel
  25. Prechie Mishzel
  26. Preana Jazel
  27. Prema Gizelle
  28. Perrimae Zelina
  29. Pritzi Zellena
I thought there were 31. Oh, well!

Fifth, the list of those who made it to the shortlist:
  • Patrice Ryzel
  • Pristine Yzabel
  • Precious Hazel
  • Pristine Anzel
  • Perzsike Zelena
  • Precious Zelyna
  • Preana Jazel
Sixth, the top 2 choices were:

Pristine Yzabel and Pristine Anzel

Seventh, we have also drawn the winner of a Starbucks gift certificate or 2 Ayala cinema movie tickets. Congratulations to my n@wie sis Jenki Fernando.

Eighth, our ultimate choice was suggested by another n@wie sis, Morning Madrid. Congratulations and thank you for giving our baby P a name.

Lastly, baby P's official name is:

Pristine Yzabel

Pristine: completely free from dirt or contamination; "pristine mountain snow"
Yzabel: of Hebrew origin meaning "My God is a vow."

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