Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I turned 31 today and received a special gift from the husband - a bouquet of flowers. We were steady bf/gf for 3 years and married for 2 years and he has never given me a flower. Not a stem, not a leaf, nada! And today, on my 31st birthday, he gave me flowers. Not one, not two, but a bouquet.

This was supposed to be a surprise gift from him, but I kind of ruined it. Sige na nga. I ruined it big time. I heard his phone beep and checked who was it from. Aba, new number! Out of curiosity, I read it. Hahaha. There goes his surprise. Sorry, yaddy! Surprised or not, I loved the flowers, anyway.

Geez! I so look like 31. Hahaha.

In spite of the humble handa prepared by my husband, I am truly blessed. My boys are healthy and well. Jowell and I have both decent jobs. Both of our families are well. I truly thank God for ll the blessings He has showered me this past year alone.

I still haven't pondered on the things I want to accomplish, but I do know that I want to be a better person for my husband and my children. My husband would love that I lose weight for health reasons. I'll definitely consider adding it on my To Do list.

My 31st year has started well. I hope it will be A-OK for the next 364 days.


khimphotz said...

surprise surprise nga dapat hahahaha....sweet naman ni husband mo

a happy year ahead tetay...

Vayie said...

Ayaw mo nu'n, bumawi si Jowell at sa wakas binigyan ka rin ng bouquet of flowers? How sweet.

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