Thursday, November 5, 2009

3 Things To Do on My 31st Year

Two days after my 31st birthday, I've now come to realize the most urgent things I need to do this year. At first, I wanted to do 12 things. Then, reality hit me. I'm no superwoman and decided to come up with just 3. Let's me take it three goals per year.

1. Romanticize my marriage.

Although, I'm blissfully hitched, things can be better for Jowell and I. Ever since we've had MiLo, it has mostly been all about MiLo that I've forgotten that there is also Jowell wanting Yammy's TLC. He understands that at this point in MiLo's life, he needs me more, but I shouldn't forget that I am his wife and partner first and foremost. When the kids (MiLo and PretZel) are all grown-up, it'll be just him and I again and I want to keep the romance in our marriage even when our little ones are still babies.

Romance does not equate to just sex. At 31, romance has evolved into something more mind-blowing than sex. Hahaha. To achieve this, I plan to spend more QT with Jowell. This means going out on dates more often without MiLo and the Inang Rose tagging along. Yes, it's fun to have them around, but sometimes we need time alone to rekindle our relationship as husband and wife. We'll miss MiLo and (soon) PretZel while we're a watching movie and holding hands, but both will be at home eagerly waiting for us.

Jowell and I are both 31. We are not getting any younger. We are parents, but it doesn't mean that we are no longer allowed to do crazy things that young couples do. We can still kiss under the rain, text sweet, random nothings, baby talk, fight and make-up, cuddle in bed, etc. Only our body ages. Not our spirit. Not our love.

2. Watch what I eat.

It's high time that I become conscious of what I eat. I want to live longer for my husband and kids. Enough said.

3. Learn more. Do more.
(edited on 11/08/09)

Ever since I started working full-time, the only new things I learn are the updates from the clients. This makes me a better CSR, but it stops at that. Outside of the office, what I've learned is no longer essential. I crave to learn more. In fact, I already learned one thing today - how to make liquid soap from scrap soap bars. Now, all those scraps of bar soap will be put to use again and we don't need to buy a separate liquid hand soap.

While learning more is a noble thing, putting what I've learned into action is nobler. What's the use of learning a new thing when I'm not going to put it to good use, right? Aside from that, doing more also means doing things I've not done before from the simplest to the most outrageous. I'm 31 once. I was 30 once and missed a lot of things because I was too chicken to try, didn't have the time to try, or didn't have the resources to try. On my 31st year, I'll just do it provided that it would not compromise my family.

This is better. Wish me luck.

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khimphotz said...

"Only our body ages. Not our spirit. Not our love." - well said..clap clap clap..agree ako jan....

blog hopping habang nag papa antok..:-)

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