Thursday, November 5, 2009

3 Things To Do on My 31st Year

Two days after my 31st birthday, I've now come to realize the most urgent things I need to do this year. At first, I wanted to do 12 things. Then, reality hit me. I'm no superwoman and decided to come up with just 3. Let's me take it three goals per year.

1. Romanticize my marriage.

Although, I'm blissfully hitched, things can be better for Jowell and I. Ever since we've had MiLo, it has mostly been all about MiLo that I've forgotten that there is also Jowell wanting Yammy's TLC. He understands that at this point in MiLo's life, he needs me more, but I shouldn't forget that I am his wife and partner first and foremost. When the kids (MiLo and PretZel) are all grown-up, it'll be just him and I again and I want to keep the romance in our marriage even when our little ones are still babies.

Romance does not equate to just sex. At 31, romance has evolved into something more mind-blowing than sex. Hahaha. To achieve this, I plan to spend more QT with Jowell. This means going out on dates more often without MiLo and the Inang Rose tagging along. Yes, it's fun to have them around, but sometimes we need time alone to rekindle our relationship as husband and wife. We'll miss MiLo and (soon) PretZel while we're a watching movie and holding hands, but both will be at home eagerly waiting for us.

Jowell and I are both 31. We are not getting any younger. We are parents, but it doesn't mean that we are no longer allowed to do crazy things that young couples do. We can still kiss under the rain, text sweet, random nothings, baby talk, fight and make-up, cuddle in bed, etc. Only our body ages. Not our spirit. Not our love.

2. Watch what I eat.

It's high time that I become conscious of what I eat. I want to live longer for my husband and kids. Enough said.

3. Learn more. Do more.
(edited on 11/08/09)

Ever since I started working full-time, the only new things I learn are the updates from the clients. This makes me a better CSR, but it stops at that. Outside of the office, what I've learned is no longer essential. I crave to learn more. In fact, I already learned one thing today - how to make liquid soap from scrap soap bars. Now, all those scraps of bar soap will be put to use again and we don't need to buy a separate liquid hand soap.

While learning more is a noble thing, putting what I've learned into action is nobler. What's the use of learning a new thing when I'm not going to put it to good use, right? Aside from that, doing more also means doing things I've not done before from the simplest to the most outrageous. I'm 31 once. I was 30 once and missed a lot of things because I was too chicken to try, didn't have the time to try, or didn't have the resources to try. On my 31st year, I'll just do it provided that it would not compromise my family.

This is better. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I turned 31 today and received a special gift from the husband - a bouquet of flowers. We were steady bf/gf for 3 years and married for 2 years and he has never given me a flower. Not a stem, not a leaf, nada! And today, on my 31st birthday, he gave me flowers. Not one, not two, but a bouquet.

This was supposed to be a surprise gift from him, but I kind of ruined it. Sige na nga. I ruined it big time. I heard his phone beep and checked who was it from. Aba, new number! Out of curiosity, I read it. Hahaha. There goes his surprise. Sorry, yaddy! Surprised or not, I loved the flowers, anyway.

Geez! I so look like 31. Hahaha.

In spite of the humble handa prepared by my husband, I am truly blessed. My boys are healthy and well. Jowell and I have both decent jobs. Both of our families are well. I truly thank God for ll the blessings He has showered me this past year alone.

I still haven't pondered on the things I want to accomplish, but I do know that I want to be a better person for my husband and my children. My husband would love that I lose weight for health reasons. I'll definitely consider adding it on my To Do list.

My 31st year has started well. I hope it will be A-OK for the next 364 days.

Name Game: Pangalanan si P Contest Update No. 8

The Big Reveal. Now na.

First, I apologize for the delay in the announcement of the winner of baby P's official name. My BP elevated early this morning and I opted to rest instead. Thanks for understanding.

Second, my appreciation to all those who participated in this little contest of ours. My husband and I are grateful for all your suggestions.

Third, our sincerest gratitude to my dear friend, Jen, for helping us judge and choose P's name. Finally, Jen, P is safe from being a "Precious" or other primitive names we have thought of before.

Fourth, as promised, here's a list of the names that were suggested:
  1. Patrice Ryzel
  2. Pristine Yzabel
  3. Prima Yzabel
  4. Precious Hazel
  5. Prema Liezel
  6. Prescilla Grizel
  7. Pretty Jowzel
  8. Pristine Anzel
  9. Priscilla Jazzel
  10. Patricia Ruzzle
  11. Preya Zelene
  12. Presca Gizelle
  13. Preeti Zelina
  14. Perzsike Zelena
  15. Premila Zelene
  16. Perzsike Zelene
  17. Precious Zelyna
  18. Pretina Zelene
  19. Precilla Zelia
  20. Preeda Zelia
  21. Preema Zelena
  22. Pretinna Jozzel
  23. Preya Crizel
  24. Preya Heartzel
  25. Prechie Mishzel
  26. Preana Jazel
  27. Prema Gizelle
  28. Perrimae Zelina
  29. Pritzi Zellena
I thought there were 31. Oh, well!

Fifth, the list of those who made it to the shortlist:
  • Patrice Ryzel
  • Pristine Yzabel
  • Precious Hazel
  • Pristine Anzel
  • Perzsike Zelena
  • Precious Zelyna
  • Preana Jazel
Sixth, the top 2 choices were:

Pristine Yzabel and Pristine Anzel

Seventh, we have also drawn the winner of a Starbucks gift certificate or 2 Ayala cinema movie tickets. Congratulations to my n@wie sis Jenki Fernando.

Eighth, our ultimate choice was suggested by another n@wie sis, Morning Madrid. Congratulations and thank you for giving our baby P a name.

Lastly, baby P's official name is:

Pristine Yzabel

Pristine: completely free from dirt or contamination; "pristine mountain snow"
Yzabel: of Hebrew origin meaning "My God is a vow."

Monday, November 2, 2009

Name Game: Pangalanan si P Contest Update No. 7

My apologies to all the participants. I'll be moving the announcement of baby P's name on a later time, but still on November 3rd. I'm afraid I'm unable to stay up until 12MN. Please bear with me and stay tuned. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Name Game: Pangalanan si P Contest Update No. 6

From 31 suggested names, we are down to two. Watch out for the Big Reveal on midnight of November 03, 2009.

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