Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday that Felt Like a Saturday

After work, I met Mama, Chelly, Ate Rose, and MiLo at SM to bring MiLo to the barber. Jowell had the privilege of cutting MiLo's hair first back in May and now it's high time that he gets a haircut from a professional. He deserves it after getting sick due to teething and tigdas hangin. The poor baby deserves a break.

MiLo's first official haircut courtesy of Yaddy.

The product of MiLo's first haircut by a professional.

Oh, my! Ang laki na ng anak ko. Wah! Before I know it, may nililigawan na siya. Double wah! Erase, erase. Anyway, before I get too sentimental for my own taste, I had fun today. Bringing MiLo to the mall proves to be more exciting as he learns to discover more and more things. He can now clearly distinguish a male mannequin from a female. He stops and stares when he sees a female mannequin wearing a sexy outfit. Seriously. But, he goes more gaga when he sees Jollibee. This little person loves Jollibee. For some unknown reason, he worships THE bee. I was actually planning to get him a made-to-order Jollibee costume for Halloween pero Diosmio, ang mahal! PhP3,500 for something he'll only wear once. Pambibili ko na lang ng milk nya or pang-vaccine na lang nya, di ba? Maybe if we're not expecting PretZel, I would've splurge pero with the littlest one on the way, we need to prioritize. Teka nga! I'm getting off-topic na.

MiLo wasn't exactly an angel when he was having a haircut. He was a darling during the first five minutes, but got fussy na when the shaved hair got itchy on his skin. Even Barney could not stop him from having tantrums. Thankfully, natapos din without an ear falling off. Hahaha.

Chelly got MiLo his "walking" gift. She promised the little one that she'll get him a new pair of Havs as soon as he learns to walk. MiLo is super spoiled with Chelly. She also got him this Spiderman balloon.

Before heading home, we had merienda at Wham! Burgers. Our little one shared cheeseburger and fries with his Mama Lola. Super andami niyang nakain. Napagod yata sa kakalakad at pagsakay ng escalator ng sangkatutak na beses.

I'll be yayaless again for 2 weeks starting on the 18th for Ate Rose's annual vacation leave. I think it's harder to take care of MiLo now that he can walk, but I'm up to the challenge. Aside from that, it gives us the chance to bond and make-up for lost time. Saan ko na naman kaya siya ilalakwatsa? Hahaha.

I had a fun Monday. Sana the entire week will be fun.

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