Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I went to see my endocrinoligist earlier today and she was truly, truly disappointed that I haven't been monitoring my sugar and injecting my insulin. She has given me my free kit ages ago and I just stashed it our headboard cabinet. I know, I know. My bad. but I didn't ignore her orders intentionally. I had valid reasons, but keeping baby P and I safe are more valid reasons to follow my doctor's orders to a T.

According to my OB-gynist, I'm a mabait na patient and she was surprised that my endo has given up on me for failure to cooperate. It's not so me daw. I can be very hard-headed, you know. Ask my husband. So, what made the mabait na patient uncooperative. Finances, first and foremost. Glucose strips and insulin cartridges (even with discount coupons) do not come cheap. Even insulin needles are expensive. Yung pang-RBS lang ang mura. With MiLo's milk, diapers, shots, vitamins, Inang Rose's sweldo, my pre-natal vitamins, and allowance, hindi talaga enough yung pay ko every cut-off. Even with Jowell's salary, we cannot afford it talaga. Buti na lang we don't need to pay utilities, rent, grocery, etc or else lalong wala na. Of course, who wouldn't want a stress-free pregnancy, di ba? So, in spite of it all, I have no choice. I want P to be healthy. And yes, God will provide. Or even the lolos and lolas. Hahaha.

Monitoring sugar and injecting glucose is not exactly a walk in the park. I need to monitor my sugar thrice daily. In the morning before breakfast, 2 hours after lunch, and before dinner. I need to monitor in the office twice in this case. With insulin shots naman, I need to inject once lang naman sa fatty part ng arm or sa cheek ng pwet before breakfast. And again, I need to do this in the office. I need to these until I've safely given birth to our littlest one. Mahal na, super inconvenient pa.

I promise to be a good patient na ulit for P's sake. Tomorrow I'll start na with my rituals including BP monitoring. Argh! This pregnancy is so complicated, but who am I to complain. After P, ayoko na talaga! Hindi na ko papabola sa asawa ko! Hahaha. Or sana mag-menopause na ako.

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Vayie said...

Kahit naman wala pa akong family, I can just imagine how tough it is when it comes to budgeting. Eh, heto nga't single ako at wala namang masyadong responsibilities, minsan nagiging broke pa rin (but it's more because of my lack of discipline). Talagang bad trip pa `yan kapag may maintenance meds ka pa. Sana kung parang multivitamins lang siya `di ba? Pero sabi mo `nga, God will provide. I can't wait for P. And once P's here, sana totoo na `yan na ayaw mo ng sundan. Huwag ka ng pabobola kay Jowell :D

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