Thursday, September 24, 2009


After over a month, I've finally satisfied my craving for a Mcdonald's sausage McMuffin and hash brown.

The ultrasound results are out. MiLo's going to be a Kuya to a princess. We are having a baby girl.

I feared today yesterday. As I've said to all our well-wishers, I don't know if it was a miracle or I was just being über-paranoid yesterday, but either or, I am thankful that all is well now. The results of the congenital anomaly scan were all normal. P has good cardiac activity and no gross anomalies were detected. Hang in there, P. Lapit na, anak!


Vayie said...

Thank God! I'm still praying for the both of you.

tintintetay said...

Thank you, Vayie. We still need all the prayers we can get until ma-deliver ko si P.

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