Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thunks No. 13

My very 1st post on my new template. Enjoy.

1. Recently Berleen and I discovered the allure of the Twilight series. Have you ever been sucked in to the latest "thing"? (Like Harry Potter, the movie Titanic, social networking, etc. etc. etc.)
Oh, yes. Was sucked by Twilight, too, and now I'm so into Facebook. I know, I know. Latebloomer. LOL

2. What software do you use for your email? I alternately use Outlook Express and Yahoomail. I also have a Gmail.

3. Are you comfortable being nude? Oh, yes. Only in the bathroom with me, myself, and I. ;)

4. What is something you plan on doing this summer? bring our little boy to the beach

5. Do you have a favorite movie/book quote? If so, what is it? "That, too, shall pass." from My Best Friend's Wedding

6. How many email addresses do you have? 3 - my work email address, Yahoomail, and Gmail.

7. Is the sky falling? What if it is?

8. Have you been to the Grand Canyon? No, I wish I could visit it in the near future, though.

9. When was the last time you mailed a hand written letter? Are hand written addresses on envelopes counted?


StraitJacketMom (Berleen) said...

LOL Nope, I don't think the envelopes count! ....have a great Thursday!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Are you trying to count your paying bills as letters? Geez. Clever. Have a great day...

Amber said...

I think you could get a half point for hand written envelopes, cause everyone uses printed addy labels now-a-days
I loved My Best Friend's Wedding when it came out, and watching it now is kind of weird cause J.R is a smoker in it, which she doesn't do in movies now.

Kimber said...

LOL @ hand written addresses! Thanks for playing. :)

Spyke said...

That's in My Best Friend's Wedding? Sounds more like Lord of the Rings. Great answers!

Carey said...

I'm a Facebook newbie, too. Love it! I played... check out my answers, HERE!

Christine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine said...

At least your mailing some, unless it's just your bills. hehe

Happy Thursday!


Ria said...

Great answers!

Paula said...

Have a great Thursday....enjoyed your answers

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