Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yayaless Yammy in the House Day 1

I'm on panic mode. Well, slightly.

MiLo's nanny, Inang Rose, went home to Cagayan for a 2-week vacation leave and will be back on Easter. It's the 1st time he (and I) will be yayaless for such a loooooooong time and I'm scared out of my wits. I've never even attempted to bathe him. It's either her and my mom. Never me. I've changed his dirty nappies, fed him, put him to sleep, played with him, but never given him a bath unless you consider swimming as bath. His Yaddy will be only available to take care of him fully on April 2nd after his graduation. Mom is busy the entire week with work. We have another help, but it's different without her beloved and reliable Inang Rose.

MiLo at x days old and his Inang Rose.

Day 1 is relatively easy as my mom is looking after him. I just texted her and she informed that our little boy just woke up and is playing with his Tata (aunt) Chelly. Good thing I have a family who adores and loves him so much taht they don't mind taking care of him. Thank God for families.

The next 2 weeks will be extremely difficult, but it will give me the opportunity to play mommy to MiLo. For the past 11 months, I was just his playmate Yammy. The next 2 weeks, I'll be his mommy Yammy. Wish us luck.


When I got home later today, MiLo was asleep. He woke up around 7:30PM. He watched TV while we were having dinner. At 8:30 PM, we turned off the lights to support the Earth Hour. Good thing's he's not scared of the dark. Gave him milk at around 10PM and his lola put him to sleep as have work the next day.

Day 1 was relatively easy.


bluebacon said...

hahaha you're so funny! i totally understand your panic, but think of it this way, at least you don't have to look after a toddler and an infant hehehe... but don't worry, he can sit up on his own now right? then giving him a bath will be a piece of cake. good luck!

tintintetay said...

MiLo is like an infant and a toddler in one. LOL

Oh, Joanna. He can sit on his own, but the thing is he can stand on his, too. And, gustong-gusto nyang tumayo kapag nasa tub na sya.

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