Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chronicles of a Yayaless Yammy in the House (Sticky Post)

Day 2, Sunday

Day 2 was still easy. Mama took care of him during daytime and I took charge at night. No problems here. All was a piece of cake.

Day 3, Monday

This was full blast Yammy mode. I woke up at around 8AM. Mila, our all-around help, brought MiLo outside to catch some sun before taking a bath. We took a quick dip in the pool first and gave him a bath afterwards. Yes, after 11 months, I've finally given him a bath. He was very cooperative. He was not fussy at all. I love him dearly for being such a wonderful boy.

Later, we went to Glorietta to have dinner with the original Uno Animo at Dad's.

MiLo's 1st trip to Glorietta.

The original Uno Animo. At least what's left of it.

With Tita Jen and Vayie.

With Yammy.

As Feb's post-birthday treat, she bought us a cake from Dad's, too. It tastes better than Red Ribbon's version.

Feb's treat. Delish.

He got bored at times and whined a little, but in general, he was well-behaved. Grumpy, according to my friends, but still I enjoyed his company. :) This day was MiLo and I's ultimate bonding moment and I'll forever cherish this.

Day 4, Tuesday

Today, I brought him outside to catch some sun. We "swam" again and I gave him a bath again. Yey! I think I'm getting better at this. After his bath, I prepared his breakfast of papaya and milk. He truly enjoyed his meal as he almost finished a whole slice of papaya. Ang takaw! He got sleepy afterwards and while he slept, I cleaned and sterilized his bottles. I was online for a short time when I heard that he was already up. Picked him up and we played with his favorite toys.

He's fussy today compared to the last 3 days, but still I'm loving every moment that I'm being Yammy to him. Having no yaya around is difficult, but I'm surviving and loving it.

More stories to come.

Day 5, Wednesday

Today was Jowell's graduation. After bathing, feeding, playing, and putting MiLo to sleep, I got ready to attend Jowell's grad ceremony at Crossroad 77. His Tata Chelly fed him Gerber's mixed veggies while I was getting dressed. He ate a lot as usual.

During the entire morning, pinagdidiskitahan ng lolo niya nag buhok nya. He wants to cut it na, but we were advised by his pedia to wait until his 1. During Jowell's grad, I kept on texting them at home checking on MiLo and his hair. Hahaha. Good thing Papa had better things to do that he left MiLo's hair alone.

Early evening, together with his grandparents and Tata Chelly, they went to SM Fairview to get his Mama Lola's and Tata Chelly's graduation dressses. While the ladies were fitting their dresses, his Papa Lolo took care of him. He even gave him a bottle of milk, which he prepared.

When Jowell and I got home later, our adorable little boy was already sleeping soundly (read: snoring).

Day 6, Thursday

MiLo woke up earlier than usual. His Yaddy wanted to swim, but the water was a bit cold for MiLo. He cried when we dipped his feet into the pool. We gave him a bath instead.

Around in the afternoon after his nap, the 3 of us went swimming. He truly enjoyed this as his Yaddy was playing it "rough" on him. He was giggling, smiling, and laughing all the time.
His Mama Lola put him to sleep at I have work the next day.

Day 7, Friday

I went back to work. Sadly. His Yaddy took care of him today and I'm proud to say that they both survived. LOL

MiLo was still up when I got home at around 7PM. He was watching TV as usual. After dinner, I played with him. Oh, gosh! I have no idea where he got all his energies. He's so active. Jumping up and down and laughing and crawling and what-have-you. Maybe he had too much sugar or TV.

Oh, btw, I just learned from Mila that Ate Rose is not going back on Easter as agreed. She's planning to go back on May 2nd. I wasn't panicking until Mama told me that she'll be going back with Papa in Quirino on the 15th and that Mila is taking a vacation leave on the 26th. Oh, no!

Day 10, Monday

The chronicles end here. A replacement nanny has arrived, but it doesn't mean that I would be spending less time with grumpig.

1 comment:

Vayie said...

Grabe, dapat gawin pa natin yan ng mas madalas. I didn't know it was MiLo's first time in Glorietta =)

Natawa talaga ako sa sinabi ng kuya ko about MiLo, "mukha daw hindi pahuhuli ng buhay" (nakakunot kasi ang noo) pero sabi naman ni Mommy, guwapo daw. =) Hala, may bagong fan si MiLo.

Tetay, I like the pic I took of you an MiLo. =)

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