Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thursday Tales

I'm so tamad to update my blog lately; I don't consider memes as updates. It's as if I've momentarily lost my blogging mojo. Now that I'm back, I don't even know where to start. Please bear with me.

Random Thought No. 1

Obviously, I was not too lucky to win the 300++ million pesos lotto jackpot money last Sunday. I heard there were 2 lucky winners. If I was one of the winners, what would I do with 150++ million pesos worth of lotto money? Ideally, I'd save half of it. 50% goes to MiLo's savings and the other 50% as Jowell and I's personal saving. I'd deposit half in banks in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands (a manifestation that I'm a Grisham fan, huh?) and half to our local banks.

Now, that one half is safe and earning a yearly interest of God-knows-how-much, the remaing 75++ mil will be well spent. Well, well spent is a relative term and by well spent I mean:
  • Giving and sharing to charity. I've 2 churches and 1 charitable institution in mind. A mil each for UP's Parish of the Holy Sacrifice (the church were we wed), our parish church, and CRIBS Foundation. I'll be an anonymous donor.
  • Giving and sharing to my immediate family members. This include my parents, my parents-in-law, my sisters, my sisters-in-law, and my brother. A mil to each of them.
  • Pay off ALL loans.
  • Build our dream house somewhere in QC.
  • Buy a rest house in Tagaytay Highlands and Baguio.
  • Buy a coaster - a mini bus is the more appropriate term, an SUV, and a car.
  • Franchise 2 Jollibee stores. LOL
  • Travel the world every year.
WoW! Just thinking of how to spend all that money exhausted me. Hahaha.

Random Thought No. 2

I'm torn between resigning and not. Although, I'm starting to hate where I'm working right now, being a regular employee has its perks. First are vacation leaves. With Jowell's graduations and MiLo's 1st birthday coming up, I need all the VLs I could get. I'm postponing my resignation until June 2009. I've 2 invitations for an initial screening. I bailed out on one and the other is on March 5th. That I will definitely go to.

Random Thought No. 3

And speaking of MiLo's 1st birthday, we have ordered his costume. His birthday's theme is Justice League and he will be Robin, the Teen Titan. We were torn between Flash and Robin, but eventually ordered a Robin costume.

The Flash vs Robin

MiLo's 1st birthday falls on a Monday, but Jowell and I decided that we are not moving it on the nearest weekend. We will have it at Jollibee Malabon per Jowell's request. All the past events have been in Quezon City and to be fair to my ever-supportive husband, Jollibee it is. Besides most of MiLo's cousins are in Malabon.

We will be booking on the weekend and preparation will start from that day onwards. Jowell and I are excited. We can't wait until April 27th. Woohoo!!!

Random Thought No. 4

I think summer officially started yesterday and to kick-off MiLo's First Summer, we got him his 1st wading pool.

And today, MiLo had his first "swim" is his wading pool.

MiLo enjoying his 1st "swimming".

His pool also serves as his play pen.

Definitely a good buy as it serves two purposes. LOL

Moreover, Jowell got him his 1st pair of Flippers. It's the cheaper version of Crocs. We let MiLo choose the color he wanted between blue and orange. Guess what he chose?

His orange Flippers.
Random Thought No. 5

Jowell, MiLo, and I have been spending the last 2 Wednesdays family bonding. Last February 18th, we dined out at Napoli SM Fairview after MiLo's check-up. And speaking of MiLo's check up, we are really impressed that he didn't cry much we had his flu vaccine. He let out a short wail and that was it. Bravo. But, he never was a wailer naman in the first place.

Our brave boy.

Random pics at MiLo's pedia's clinic.

As I was saying, we went to SM Fairview

Random pics @ SMF.

Yesterday, we went malling again. MiLo and his nanny, Inang Rose, rode a ferris wheel. It was MiLo's 1st ferris wheel ride. He rode other "rides", too. I wonder if he'll remember all these when he's older?

Random Thought No. 6

I've finally decided to come out of my misery at work. Since I cannot do anything about it YET, might as well be happy na lang. Yes, I will still be ranting every now and then, but I can say that I'mm 99% back to my old optimistic self. The glass is half-full once again

Random Thought No. 7

And here comes the ranting. Hahaha. A couple of weeks ago, an ill-mannered POC or SA in training confronted me at work. Itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Ice. Hahaha. Here's the deal. First, let me admit I was at fault, but she was too rude for my taste. Highly unethical and if she was to be an SA, OMG! See, we were on queue empty and with nothing better to do, I was supposed to check my personal mail at Yahoo, which is against the company policy. But it wasn't just me who's guilty of doing this. Yung iba nga, eh, security officer pa mismo ang nakahuli na nanunuod ng basketball game, eh. But then again, this does not justify my act. I'm just pointing out that some are worst than me. Back to the story, she was talking to a former supervisor of mine who I believe hates me for some unknown reason and then this Ice suddenly approached me and rudely said "Paki-close yang browser mo. Bawal yan.", I closed it right away without any questions, but she did not stop there. She took my mouse pa and made pakialam pa with my computer. If she wanted to have my name, she could have just asked me instead of doing what she did. It was such in bad taste. Ganung klaseng agent ba ang dapat maging SA? Oh, please.

At work, we follow a certain protocol. I'm sure all offices do. If someone gets to your nerves, you don't approach and confront the person. It's unprofessional and uneducated. You talk to your immediate supervisor, then your supervisor will talk with the other person's supervisor. That's the proper way of doing it. I've brought this up to my supervisor. I'm not just sure if she going to do something. I'll just wait and see.

Random Thought No. 8

I've started selling on again to raise some birthday funds for the nice-but-unnecessary-stuff for MiLo's 1st birthday. These are mostly pre-loved stuff from our personal collection.

Random Thought No. 9

Summer is here and I've been wanting to cut my hair short as in boy's hair short short, but my husband has vetoed against it. It'll make my face bigger daw. I've argued with him that, it'll grow back, but he's firm with his decision. Maybe I'll have it chop off this weekend and just surprise him. If its cut, he can't do anything about it anymore, right?

I think I have an oval-shaped face and according to,
"like the hourglass plus size body shape, an oval face works well with just about any style. Hair pulled back or worn up shows off an oval face the most. Long styles or shorter hair with some curls will also look flattering on an oval face."
Here are some of the styles I'm considering. Surprise, surprise.

Virtual makeover courtesy of Daily Makeover.

Hahaha. Mukhang tama nga si Jowell. What do you think? I like the last style, though. Am I bold enough to defy my husband's wishes? Ah, help!

Random Thought No. 10

1. What kind of dryer sheets do you use? Uhm, what are dryer sheets?

2. How many times a week do you eat out/order in? Probably 7-10 times a week.

3. What did you do the night of your high school graduation? We had a grad ball at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, but I opted to skip it and had dinner out with my family instead. I've never seen most of schoolmates after that unless you count Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, etc. etc.

4. So Octomom is rumored to have been offered a million bucks to do a porno. Would you do it for a million? No!

5. If your child was born with an extra finger or toe, would you have it surgically removed? Not unless it interferes with his health.

6. What was the last movie you saw? In the moviehouse, Marley and Me; on DVD, a third of Gran Turino.

7. I wanna buy you a dozen roses, what color should they be? White just like my wedding bouquet.

Taken on July 14th 2007.

8. You are walking across the street, you are not quite half way when a speeding car comes... you have to run to get out of its way, which direction do you run? Uhm, the direction that gets me away from the speeding car. :)

9. Tell us about a time when you were invited over somewhere and had the most awful time. Can't think of anything. Maybe I tried to enjoy it as much as I could.

10. You open your front door and there is a box with a puppy in it... what do you do? Keep it, take care of it, and name it Boxy.

My tales end here.


StraitJacketMom (Berleen) said...

Boxy! Love it!!!

Great answers, happy happy Thursday!

And yes, dryer sheets makes clothes smell good... and takes away the static cling so you don't have socks sticking to sweaters!

Karen said...

Wow - look at that sunny day and swimming pool...It's snowing here with below zero temps forecast for the morning. Thanks for the virtual weather diversion. Happy Thursday!

Amber said...

Boxy, LOL, what a great name!
Lovely wedding bouquet
I Love the pool/playpen for your lil one. He's so cute!

khimphotz said...

tapang ni Milo. i must say that I love yung first na hairstyle hehehe. just my 2 cents... hay, lungkot naman ako mag resign ka na. pero text text pa din and I'll always visit your blog. saka sa wedding ko next year punta ka pa din ha. As for me, cguro after ng wedding na lang ako mag resign hehehe. kelangan pa magsave eh...

Vayie said...

...Firstly, I must say na nagtampo ako. I thought you'd buy me a Mazda 3 if you win the lotto jackpot? Tsk tsk! Wala na, nakalimutan na ako. Samantalang ako, kung nanalo man ako, pag-aaralin ko si MiLo hanggang College (I mentioned that on my blog).

...About the costume, POV ko lang naman, it's a good thing you chose the Robin costume (did you `nga ba?) kasi medyo common na yung Flash costume eh.

...Ang tapang naman ni MiLo. Hindi umiyak sa vaccine niya. At dinaig si Gardo Versoza sa kaniyang wet/nude scene ha. Bold talaga. Hahaha. Pero ang cute ng wading pool. Ang laki na ni MiLo. Wala pang 1-year old `yan ha.

...Hindi muna ako magre-resign. Pero mag-iinvest muna ako sa Nu Skin (well, after making sure na hindi naman pala siya pyramiding at networking). iniipon ko pa `yun PhP12,600 na capital. Hehehe. Wish me luck. `Pag naging okay, out na kaagad ako sa "hell in flouresecent" na yan. Ayoko na maging empleyado.

...Si Ice ba yung tinutukoy mo? Yung tibo? Kung siya man, tigilan niya nga ako `no! Nahuli nga siya ng GTI na nag-brobrowse ng `no! As if hindi `yun nabalita buong floor! At nauna pa tayo sa mga `yan, kaya huwag siyang magmataas at magmalinis. `Yan ang hirap sa nagpapalapad ng papel eh. As if nung agents pa sila hindi nila ginagawa, ngayon kung makasita sila. Kung ako ang andun nung sinaway ka niya, sasabihin ko talaga: "Tetay! Ikaw talaga, ba yan?". Sus pakibaba nga ang kilay ko! Yan ang isa sa dahilan kung bakit gustung-gusto ko ng umalis dahil ang daming epal sa atin. I say to myself na lang, konting tiis, Vayie.

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