Friday, January 9, 2009

Thursday Thunks on a Friday

I saw another site for my weekly fix. Here's my first share of Thursday Thunks on a Friday.

1. Are you a celebrity news junkie? No. I even gave up an opportunity to work as a scriptwriter on one of the celeb talk shows on one of the biggest networks in the Philippines.

2. Have you or anyone in your family ever had braces? Yes, my sister Chelly, still has braces.

3. Name 4 things in your garage that you don't think anyone else has in theirs. Let me see. A freezer, a shower curtain, ancient law books, and a double-decked bed. Our garage serves as a storage room of sorts.

4. Do you order Girl Scout cookies? No, GS cookies are not available here. I would definitely like to try some. Is it available online?

5. If you have a cat or a dog, what brand of dog/cat food do you feed them? We have 3 dogs and we feed them table food. What we eat, they eat. LOL

6. When you cook, do you use measuring cups/spoons? No, I'm a trial and error person.

7. If you were stranded on a desert island, how many sand castles would you build? Probably none. I don't have any idea how to build a sand castle.

8. Whats one thing you own too many of? Flipflops!

9. If given the chance to go to the moon, would you? Just tell me when.

10. Talk radio - listen or not? Not.

11. When you put silverware in the dishwasher or in the drainer to dry, do you put the handles up or down? I put the handles up, but my mom and husband turn them down.

12. Video Games for kids - good or not? It depends. I'm a video game fan myself when I was a kid and I turned up to be a decent person. Maybe overweight from lack of physical activity, but that's about it.

13. Share a website with us. From their website: "I AM NINOY is a celebration of hope and idealism, a freedom movement, a community of heroes ---- heroes who give out of sheer selflessness and serve the country the best way they can."

14. Water - bottle or tap? Purified tap water.

15. Have you ever eaten a giant jawbreaker, the ones that are the size of the palm of your hand, all the way to the end? No. I haven't even seen a jawbreaker except on TV.


Kimber said...

Great answers! Have a great day!

Amber said...

I don't see what the whole hype is about GS Cookies, I've had them plenty of times but they just don't compare to home made.
I'm with you on #6
So brave for #9...gotta admire it

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