Friday, January 2, 2009

Out with the old, In with the new!

Happy new year y'all! Hope you had a great 2008 and a wishing you a greater 2009. Cheers! As a tradition, I'm doing my own version of a year end review. Sit back, relax, and entertainment is on me - for free.

  • I was probably 24 or 25 weeks pregnant with MiLo.
  • (25) My sister, Chelly, turned 27 at treated us at Dungkaan at Seaside Roxas Blvd. As usual, we all went home nauseated from our kabusugan!
  • Our 1st Valentine's Day as husband and wife and our 7th wedding monthsary. OMG! I can't even remember if we went out. Hahaha. Apologies for my momnesia.
  • After 7 months of being married, I now finally have my first ID that will prove that I’m a dela Cruz.Yey, I can now fill out raffle entries as Cristina dela Cruz and not worry that I don’t have proof of identification just in case I win. Hahaha.
  • On 15th February, Tita Donna and Tito Sammy, balikbayans from Hawaii came here for a 10-day visit. Tita Donna had a post birthday celebration cum reunion at Claire dela Fuente’s restaurant at Seaside in Roxas Boulevard. As usual the food was overflowing as well as the laughter.

  • MiLo is 29 weeks and 4 days. He seems to respond whenever his Yaddy and I talk to him. He also gets hyperactive when he hears funky music. He’s very playful. I can just imagine how likot can he get when he’s finally out.
  • I had the worst back pain. It was just too painful that it would bring tears to my eyes everytime I try to sit on the toilet bowl and pee. I can’t even lean on the sink to wash my face. Ganoon siya kasakit!!!
  • Still very pregnant with MiLo.
  • (15) Pacquiao takes WBC title from Marquez.
  • (25) I was 37 weeks and 2 days old pregnant with MiLo and so ready to give birth anytime.
  • (25) Started MiLo's blog while I was waiting for him to come out.
  • (26) I was admitted at 9:12 PM at the FEU. I was 37 weeks and 3 days old pregnant.
  • (27) At 3:50PM, After 18 hours of labor, at 37 weeks and 4 days, I gave birth to Miguel Lorenzo Corpuz dela Cruz. He was 5lbs and 9oz heavy and 49cms long. Click here for our birthing story.
  • MiLo and I were discharged on the 29th.
  • (1) My in-laws, MiLo's cousins, and my peers Tin, Cai, and Vayie, visited MiLo and I at home. They were MiLo's 1st visitors outside of the hospital.
  • (5) MiLo's very first visit to his pedia. He also got his Hepa B vaccine. Read more here.

  • (11) My first Mother's Day.
  • (12) MiLo's very 1st visit to a mall.
  • (15) My sister, Bru, turned 26.
  • (25) MiLo had his NBS at Medical City.

  • (27) MiLo is 1 month old.

  • We brought MiLo to Malabon for the first time. He stayed there for 9 days.

  • (15) Jowell's first Father's Day.
  • (20) Jowell turned 30.

  • (27) MiLo is 2 months old.

  • TD arrived from Abu Dhabi.
  • (1) Went back to work after a 2-month maternity leave.
  • (14) Jowell and I's first wedding anniversary. I'll be "copying and pasting" the entire post from my old blog host. For the meantime, here are some pics from that very special day.

  • (27) MiLo turned 3 months old.

  • (3) Attended the baptism of my 3rd official inaanak, Camille Aguilar.
  • (6) Transferred to blogspot from friendster blogs.
  • (7) Mama got admitted at the Philippine Heart Center after her heart rate dropped and breathing accelerated. I never really had the chance to blog about it. It was a dark time for the family. She needed to undergo a mitral valve replacement that cost a little over a million. Where in the world would we get that?
  • (14) Jowell, TD and I visited Ate Tim, Ryan, and Sophie for the first time.
  • (15) With the help of family, friends, and loved ones, Mama had successfully underwent her MVR. The next image is the NOT for the weak-hearted.
  • (21) Eboy turned 25. We celebrated his birthday at the hospital as Mama is still confined.
  • (23) Thank, God! Mama is released from the hospital. She is well and has a mitral valve made of titanium.
  • (27) MiLo is getting bigger at 4 months old.

  • (27) MiLo is 5 months old.

  • (10) MiLo's first try at solid food.
  • (24) Mama's thanksgiving mass at her office.
  • (25) MiLo's baptism.
  • (27) We have moved to our new site at The Fort (gilid) last October 27, 2008. It's not as spanking or swanky as they claimed it to be pero kung sa Motalban, spanking nga! Hahaha.

Photos courtesy of Vayielicious.
  • (27) Mama's 59th birthday and MiLo's sixth month "birthday."

  • Though it was my birthday month, there was a drop in my happy hormones. Read here. We're all better now.
  • (3) I turned 30 and loved it. 30 is the new 20.

  • (27) MiLo turned 7 months old.

December (is purely bliss)

  • Our first Christmas as a family of three.

  • We celebrated Christmas eve at mom's side of the family. I loved the cupcakes.

  • And Christmas dawn was at home and morning in Malabon.

I had a great year. Not perfect, but something I'll treasure forever. I hope to see you as I continue my journey. Cheers to 2009!


myls said...

ang laki na pala ni milo! ;) happy new year! ;)

Vayie said...

The year 2008 can be described in just one word: MiLo! It's pretty exciting that I was one of your spectators when you went through all of this. =) I hope this year will be much, much fun for you and your family. Why not? It's MiLo's 1st birthday come April. How time flies!

P.S. Gaad! Ang laki na nga ni MiLo! Atchaka, parang naging malago na ang hair niya! Ahehehehe!

TintinTetay said...

@ Myls: Oo nga, eh! Parang kailan lng, eh, 2.7 kgs lng sya. Ngayon doble na! Musta naman ang 1st Christmas ng newlyweds?

@ Vayie: I have to agree with you. And come 2009, 2010, etc, etc feeling ko MiLo pa din. I'm not complaining, though.

Bitu naman at lumalago na buhok nya at natatakpan yung falt nyang ulo. Hehehe.

bluebacon said...

Happy New Year! Ang bilis dumaan ng oras no? Ang bilis lumaki ng baby! Hahaha! Keep enjoying your time with Milo while he's still little, after he hits 12 months you don't know what hits you sa sobrang bilis ng developments niya. Hope you have another great year!

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