Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Mean Streak

Please read only if YOU are NOT pikon. This could be YOU. Hahaha.

Forgive me for ranting. I'm just so pissed off. BIG time. As in nanginginig ako sa galit kanina pang umaga! You know me. I'm a person who doesn't get affected with negativity too easily. Read here. But, it doesn't mean that I don't get affected at all.

I texted the office's hotline early today as there was a family emergency that I needed to attend to. We needed to bring a family member to the hospital. I wouldn't elaborate on that as it's NOT my story to tell. Anyway, who ever was handling the shift phone at that time, texted back asking me if it was I who was on emergency or someone else. They don't usually text back so I was a little surprised. I found the text a little off, stupid even. If I remember right, the message I sent mentioned a FAMILY emergency. Obviously, it was not me and if it was me, how can I text and inform our hotline myself that I was in an emergency, di ba? I mean, mamatay na lang ako, eh, ako pa ba mismo ang magi-inform sa kanila? Tanga ba sila o tanga ba sila? Out of courtesy, I texted back and informed them again that we rushed a family member to the hospital. I mentioned the reason to them.

She texted back. I had a feeling that them was she and she was either her or her, but I'm betting it's her. Ang gulo. Hahaha. Anyway, she replied, that I had the same excuse last week and we have reached the 10% rate of absenteeism. She asked me if I can come to the office later instead. While I care for the team, I care for the family member more. Moreover, for her information, the incident last week was entirely different. Last week, there was an alarming incident, but no confinement was needed yet. Last night, the inevitable has happened. Yes, the emergency involved the same person and the principal cause was the same, but the conclusion was different. I told her that I can't.

She replied that I needed to present documents again to verify my excuse. Damn it! As if I'm just making an excuse. Who in their right mind will make up a story involving a family member in an emergency? BS! Digital na kaya ang karma ngayon!!! At this point, I felt that blood rushed from my head out of anger. I was exhausted and pressured and she accuses me of making up an excuse at 6:30 in the morning. I told her "no problem" (re: documents) and that she can even call the hospital to verify. I even volunteered our doctor's mobile number for her contentment. That ended our conversation.

You see, I'm not a chronic absentee. With my previous TL's anyway. Until I got pregnant and gave birth, I rarely file a vacation and/or sick leave unless necessary. If she doesn't know, VLs are our priviledge. We have a responsibilty to the team, but we also have a life outside of the office. Kung opisina ang pamilya nya, hindi ko problema yun. One more thing, it's not as if I went to the beach and basked in the sun while sipping some local alcoholic drink. Oh, please. I was not on a vacation. I was at the hospital.

I've been responsible for all my actions career-wise. I was late 3x, had an unexcused absence once, and they served me an NTE (Notice to Explain) without any resentment from me. I know I was in the wrong and I ought to face the consequences, which I did. I think I deserve more credit that what she has given me.

In fairness to me, I've been truthful with her with regard to my previous absences. Some reasons were even too personal pero I shared it her in spite of the fact na baka i-chismis niya or something. I just felt na as my superior, she at least had some right to know para maiintindihan nya where I'm coming from and that's what I got. I was offended more than hurt. Hindi ako ma-dramang tao unless naapektuhan talaga ako.

In fairness to her, she nodded to most of the team's requests. Maski masama siguro sa loob nya, pumapayag na lng siya. I understand that we have a compliance to adhere to and a team member's action reflects on their ratings. If we fail, they fail. Our rating is their rating. Ang sa akin lang, make us happy and you will be happy. Ganun ka-simple. Sana pala ganun ka-simple.

Kung matatanggal ako sa trabaho dahil mas pinili kong maging nasa tabi ng isang kapamilya sa oras ng pangangailangan kesa mag-silbi sa mga
British, siyanawa. Mahirap ang buhay at mahirap ang walang trabaho pero alam kong hindi ako papabayaan ng pamilya ko hanggang makahanap ako ng bagong mapapasukan. Kung pinili ko bang pumasok at nalagay ako sa isang alanganing sitwasyon, may maaasahan ba ako sa kanya? Hindi ko sigurado pero sigurado ako na andyan ang pamilya ko.

Today's incident has upped my eagerness to look elsewhere and to leave the work I used to love. In the process, I'll be leaving my friends, too, but I know we'll keep in touch. If I only had an option...


Vayie said...

I perfectly understand where you're coming from. While I am no longer in the position to comment about her because thankfully, she's no longer my supervisor, but what I can only say for sure is that I understand why you feel all those melange of emotions all at the same time.

We have life outside work. Work is not everything so we really can't make it as our top priority everytime but I guess some people wouldn't want to accept that. All I know, the reason why we call the office when we can't go to work is just for courtesy to let them know so THEY could do some adjustments. Definitely, not to ask for their permission. Screw with the Team's overall ratings! `Pag nilayasan niyo naman `yan, madi-dissolve din yan so it's no use fighting and giving up so much for it. Marami na tayong ginawa sa team na yan pero did they appreciate it? Hindi naman `di ba? Isa pa, since when did work come before family (family emergency at that)?

...not unless if you were born pathetic and unloved.

khimphotz said...

Just red this today,Tetay. I understand your side. If I where in your shoes, I'll definitely do the same thing. I agree with Vayie. Pinapaalam lang natin sa office that we'll be absent para they can adjust di ba? I mean if madaming chats or email makakabwelo agad sila so magagawan ng paraan para di mag queing. But then again, we just have to inform them, ala "SILANG KARAPATAN" na sabihin na di pede, iwanan mo family mo or di pede kayanin mo may doctor dito!

I know I'm not a part of the team anymore, but I care for my former team mates especially for those whom I consider "FRIENDS". If they can't understand your situation, then "PABAYAAN" na lang sila. Di ba lagi ko sinasabi na "ANG KARMA DIGITAL NA NGAYON" mabilis na ang karma so don't worry Tetay, maybe "KARMA" is chasing them na.

Sabi ko nga di ba sa fave quote ko by Dr. Grey ng Grey's anatomy:

So love the PEOPLE who treat you RIGHT. Forget the ONES who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get the chance take it. If it changes your life,let it. Nobody said that it'd be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

hope na in a way ma-inspire ka ng quote na yan.
miss you, Tetay!

khimphotz said...

sorry for the typo error, on my last comment

red- dapat read

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