Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jumping Fun

MiLo's first birthday is coming up soon and since we noticed that he loves to jump, his Yaddy and I are thinking of getting him a trampoline. It's not available locally and we'll be ordering from one of our favorite online sellers. We wanted to get him a Jumperoo previously, but decided against it. Before we spend our hard-earned money on this, I need your opinions. Is this worth it and most importantly, is it safe? Help.

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Vayie said...

I see nothing wrong kasi lalake naman siya. Just make sure na yung handrails hindi matigas or cushioned man lang kasi baka "makanto" siya diyan. Mukha naman siyang safe kasi unlike regular trampolines, wala siyang butas on the sides. I read somewhere na `yun ang reason kung bakit maraming accidents while on trampoline. Lumulusot yung paa kasi dun.

tintintetay said...

@ Vayie
Thanks for the input. Wala pang quotation yung pagbibilhan namin pero sinubukan kong in-covert yung price, diosme, mukhang di ako pwedeng mag-resign sa Suth. Hahaha.

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