Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I did a good deed today, but I'm not so proud of it as there were some hesitations involved. You see, our little boy is growing up big and fast. He has some old clothes and socks that no longer fit him. We were supposed to give to my nephews, but decided against it. May kalumaan na kasi kaya nahiya ako. I decided to give these na lng to our office's outreach program. Before I left the house this morning, I checked the stuff again and I was hesitating to give it na. Mostly were MiLo's firsts - first pair of socks, first bonnet, etc, etc. But this voice inside my head convinced me otherwise. OK, I got a pair of socks as a souvenir.

When I got to the office, I dropped it in the charity box with the rest of the donations. I thought I had everything settled. On my mealbreak, I took a peek inside the box and was so happy to find the paperbag was still there. I was so tempted to get it back. Not out of selfishness, but I felt that I was giving a part of MiLo to some strangers and that saddened me. Of course, I did not take it. Out of shame na lng, db? Two hours later, I checked it again and it was not there na. Nalungkot ako, I swear. On the other hand, I felt happy na din because I know, somewhere out there, another baby will find comfort in MiLo's socks and bonnet.

Weird ko ba? :P


Vayie said...

Some mommies are really having a hard time giving up their babies firsts. Kasi sabi ng mom ko, dapat daw tinatago na lang `yun. But if your intentions are good, I guess the joy of giving would somehow eclipse the "panghihinayang" you're feeling now for giving it away.

bluebacon said...

don't feel bad, you're not weird. take comfort that those things will be put to good use. ako rin i have a hard time giving some of raine's stuff away. i kept most of it kasi sigurado naman kami na we wanted another baby so for sure may gagamit pa ulit. but after bell outgrows everything na hand-me-down from raine, i know i'll feel bad then when the time comes na i have to let go of these things.

ieni said...

You know deep in your heart that you gave a part of the love that Milo is so blessed to have. You should be happy -- I know you, deep down. =)

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