Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Your wish is my command.

Our annual wish list day, both at home and in the office, has officially started. We've picked out the names of the persons we'll be giving gifts to. I'm happy will the names I've picked. I'll start shopping come my rest day this week. Happy, happier, happiest.

On another story, ever since MiLo was born I became "obsessed" with his "firsts". I ordered a "MiLo's First Halloween" shirt from Maphine and this coming Christmas I want a "MiLo's First Christmas" stocking. I asked quotes from my two favorite Multiply sellers and personalized Christmas socks don't come cheap pala. I started scouting for local distributors and a contact from Multiply suggested that I make my own instead. So, I did and for only PhP284 bucks. Not bad, huh.

My First Christmas© Personalized Stocking - 1850 (inclusive of shipping charges in US and sales tax)

Red My First Christmas Personalized Christmas Stocking - 1650 (inclusive of shipping charges in US and sales tax)

Our version for only 284 pesos.
(Sorry for the poor resolution as I just used my phone's camera.)

I got both the sock (PhP 109.00) and the bear (PhP 79.00) at Rob Nova's bargain center. I had it embroidered at a stall that sells fans, hats, towels, etc. for PhP 8.00 per letter. Cute naman, di ba?

Also, I printed a "First Christmas Letter" from Santa Claus. You can Google it, personalize it, and print it afterwards. Easy as 1-2-3.

Here's Santa's letter to MiLo:

I'll put it in his Christmas sock. After the holidays, I'll keep it in the time capsule I'm planning to make for him.

Happy holidays! It's 23 days before Christmas.

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