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My Take on Twilight (the movie)

I've read the books (thanks to Jen), I've seen the movie, and it's time for a review. On my Twitter, I left this comment a few days back:

little_tin_star was _________ with twilight. Hahaha.

I intentionally omitted my description of the movie for the benefit of the friends who have not seen it. But, since most of the people I know have seen it, it's time to fill in the blank. I was
a. dismayed.
b. disappointed.
c. either a or b.
Either A or B. The book version is a thousand times better, but the again we need to take some things into consideration. In the book, we imagine what Stephanie Meyer has written. Our imaginations are limitless. In the movie, there's budget and time constraints, the interpretation of the director and the scriptwriter, etc etc. Kudos to them for trying, though. IMHO, the movie is hyped and over-rated. I guess the book set a very high standard and it was a hard act to follow.

I found the movie dragging. The first half-hour nearly sent me to dreamland if not for the kilig I was having even before we entered the cinema. That's the plus factor of Twilight, for both the movie and the book. Just looking at the posters and thinking that I'll be finally watching it was enough to send shivers to my spine.

I hate the part where Edward sees Bella for the first time in Biology class. I know he's supposed to be disgusted, but the movie adaptation was frustrating that it came to a point where it became funny. Bluntly speaking, nag-mukhang tanga si Robert Pattinson sa scene na yun. At least, for me. Bawi na lng kasi nakakatunaw talaga siyang tumitig. Hay!

I wasn't also impressed with (the acting of) Bella's buddies. In the book, I can feel yung kakulitan ni Mike Newton pero sa movie, nada, zero, wala. Parang patay yung mga characters. Walang emotions. Kung hindi lang sila "kulay tao", you'll think they are the undead. Hahaha. Nakakaantok talaga sila.

I'm still hearting Jacob Black, though. Maybe not the actor. Not yet. But, I'm definitely looking forward to New Moon (in 2010) where Jacob's character matures. I like their version of Charlie Swan. He's more daddyish and has humor. I also like the innocence of Jasper and the spunk of Alice.

I was so looking forward to the baseball scene and sad to say it didn't live up to the way Ms. Meyer's described it. In my mind, they were flying, floating on air ala Quidditch, but they played it like "real" baseball lang only that they hit harder and ran faster. Maybe I was expecting too much that I forgive them for this flaw. Mea culpa.

The scene at the ballet studio was definitely a highlight in the book. In the movie, wala lng. Talo agad si James.

Of course the movie has highlights, too. I love the scenes were Bella was telling Edward that she already knew that he was a vampire and Edward asked her if she was afraid. I also liked the part where Edward carried Bella on his back and they went tree hopping.

I wish my Vampire Miggy could do this, too.

I guess I belong to the minority of the book fans who found the movie disappointing. Most people who have not read the book found the movie good. Maybe if I have not read the novels, I would have loved it a lot. I enjoy the Harry Potter movies because I have not read one book.

Now, I wonder why people are even comparing this to Harry Potter? While they border on magic and mystery, these two are totally different except for the fact that Robert Pattinson has appeared in both. But then again, that's for another day.

Yes, I still encourage you to see the movie only to see our own flag in their cafeteria. Seriously, see the movie. I'm going to watch it again and probably I'd appreciate it the second time around.

Did you see it?

Side Story

Twilight is Jowell and I's first movie date since I gave birth. We had fun. We had buffet for dinner at Italianni's Megamall. Too bad I forgot to bring the digicam, but I took some pics of the food we had with my trusty Nokia phone. More photos are in Jowell's phone. Will post these, too.


Edward's car was also on display. Masi mukhang jologs, picture-picture pa din. Hahaha.

I can be the stupid shiny Volvo owner anytime.


As a true Twilight fan, you've probably heard that Stephanie Meyer has Edward's version of Twilight, which is Midnight Sun. This is told from Edward's perspective. Unfortunately, the unfinished manuscript leaked in the Interner and Ms. Meyer appears was disappointed that she decided not to finish the story. If you want Ms. Meyer's to finish the book, please sign a petition to let her know how much we wish that she'll finish the book.

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