Friday, December 12, 2008

Gearing up for Christmas

By this time, you already know that I have the tendency to become OA with "MiLo's Firsts". Forgive me. I'm a first-time mommy after all. My most recent purchase for MiLo's First Christmas is a holiday hooded top and pants set from Carter's that I bought from Mommy Melody Gonzales' store at I think she also owns/co-owns ChooChooBaby. I wasn't able to take pics of the outfit yet as it went straight to MiLo's laundry basket, but I grabbed a few pics from Melody's site and I hope she doesn't mind. Take a look:

It says "Santa's Helper". Cute isn't it?

I printed another letter from Santa Claus to MiLo. Make yours here. It's a really nice site. Too bad I can't share the letter with you as it can't be saved as an image. I suggest that you try the
site and see for yourself. It's awesome.

13 days until Christmas.


Vayie said...

I'm sure MiLo would look so cute na naman wearing this.

Damama T said...

I bet he looked precious in that! You are going to share pictures of it, aren't you? Please drop over to my corner of the blogverse and let me know when they are up so I can ooo and ahhh with you.


TintinTetay said...

@ Vayie and Damama T: Want to see how adorbale he was? Please visit his site at :) He'll love to hear from you, too.

Or you can wait a little longer until I upload it here. :)

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