Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Thoughts on Saturday

In no particular order.

-Random Thoughts on MiLo-

MiLo is eating solids. He started with Cerelac's Stage 1 Wheat and Milk, but it appears that he's having a slight reaction to wheat. His pedia advised us to shift to the Red Rice variant and avoid soya, too. His pedia-nutrionist had given us the go-signal to feed him papaya, mango, potatoes, fish pero bangus and tilapia lang. He can have beef na din and sabaw of nilaga or tinola. I'm just so glad that he's not a picky eater and he eats with gusto talaga. He enjoys mealtime and is very matakaw, but he doesn't get overly fat kasi he is too active. He's awake most of the time during day and sleeps really well at night. He wakes up once just to drink meal and goes back to sleep in an instant.

MiLo has not started crawling yet, but he can turn to his sides. He prefers to sleep on his right side rather than on his back. He likes to "maglakad-lakaran" na din. He really gets fussy when he's lying down or sitting, gusto nya talagang mag-lakad or lumabas ng bahay. He loves the mall. He likes seeing people in action kasi. He likes interaction. I think he got that from his Yaddy.

He doesn't like toys so much. Mas gusto nyang makinig sa kwentuhan at makipag-usap. This gets a little freaky kasi parang nakakainitindi na talaga siya. Mas gusto pa nyang laruin yung lampin nya kesa sa mga VTech-Vtech andFisher Price na yan. Seriously! He enjoys his lampin so much that it's so funny to watch him.

I got him a Jollibee doll yesterday and dedma lng si bagets. I was telling him na yung ibang bata umiiyak sa mga Yammy nila para bilhan ng Jollibee doll tapos siya na binilhan, dedma. Hehehe. Bagong gising siguro kaya hindi nya na-appreciate.

Ang Jollibee na dinedma.

I encourage you to visit his site for more updates. He "blogs" more than I do. Hahaha.

-Random Thoughts on MiLo's First Halloween-

I think the adults enjoyed this more than he did. In the middle of his Trick or Treating, he fell asleep na. He wore the darling devil costume we purchased from Jing. He was truly a darling. We kept overhearing the people at TriNoma na "ang cute ng baby." As parents, Jowell and I, were just too proud.

I also had my pre-birthday celebration on this day. We had lunch at Teriyaki Boy and muntik na kaming gumapang pauwi dahil sa kabusugan. Hahaha. But that did not stop us from having merienda at Taco Bell.

Lunch at Teriyaki Boy.

Merienda at Taco Bell.

At the end of the day, here's what MiLo got:

Not too much, but the experience was worth it.

-Random Thoughts on MiLo's Christening-

Date: October 25, 2008

Time: 10:00 AM

Ceremony Venue: St. Peter's Parish in Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City

Reception Venue: Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City

I felt more exhausted here compared to my wedding day, but at the of it all, it was worth it. MiLo enjoyed himself, the guests enjoyed, and Jowell and I also had a blast. I'll post a separate supplier's rating one of these days.

-Random Thoughts on Twilight-

I've done reading the Twilight saga of Stephanie Meyer. I love it. Looking forward to the movie and the soundtrack, though I'm not a big music fan.

My favorite among the 4 books is "New Moon" because it got all the elements of a "good" book, at least, in my, eh, book.

I'm hearting Jacob Black more than Edward Cullen. I also prefer Emmett Cullen over Edward. And oh, I truly, truly adore Seth Clearwater especially in his werewolf form.

I scream for Häagen-Daz' Twilight ice cream.

From twilightcovenph:

“Dazzled at First Sight” is a combination of Caramel Apple Crumble and Coffee and is inspired by the first time Bella meets Edward. The sweet temptation of the apple crumble and the rich flavor of coffee make for potent combination that will leave you wanting for more.

“A Kiss in the Meadow” features two contrasting flavors which when combined, produces a most intriguing sensation. The refreshing, slightly tart flavor of Summer Berries is combined with the sweet and creamy Belgian Chocolate. Tasting this flavor combination is one moment you will not want to forget.

“Clair de Lune”
, which represents a significant song in the book and the movie, is a combination of two flavors with very interesting textures. Choc Choc Chip, a chunky chocolate flavor is paired off with the unique, tangy flavor of Mango & Passion fruit.

-Random Thoughts on Work-

We have moved to our new site at The Fort (gilid) last October 27, 2008. It's not as spanking or swanky as they claimed it to be pero kung sa Motalban, spanking nga! Hahaha.

Photos courtesy of Vayielicious.

Commuting to work is a challenge on Mondays, but A-OK during the rest of the week. Commuting from work is relatively easy especially after we have "discovered" our beloved Buting jeepneys.

My team is "squatters" on the floor! Damn it! We were the first team relocated here, but it the end kami ang walang designated stations. As Jen put it, we are nomads. And as Rach said, we are castaways. I could not agree more.

-Random Thoughts on Me-

I have the sniffles since Wednesday and cough since yesterday. I was so tempted not to go work earlier, but I had an EL na last Monday due to the traffic on Commonwealth Ave last Sunday. I got home too late to have the energy to go to work the next day. Call me irresponsible, but I'd rather be resting at home than not being able to do my job efficiently.

I have no plans of filing my EL as our HRD is still in the old office and it's too inconvenient to go there and get a leave form lng. Bawi na lng sa 13th month pay.

And speaking of 13th month pay, I haven't made my "official" shopping list yet, but I have ordered "Firts Christmas" shirts for MiLo and his cousins from Maphine. She was the same person who supplied me with MiLo's "First Halloween" shirt. I've ordered na MiLo's "First New Year" shirt, too.

I'm planning his 1st birthday na din and I'm thinking na double celeb na lng as Jowell will be graduating next year din naman and most probably April din. Our 1st plan was to have it at Shakey's na lng and have some add-ons. But, now we are also considering Jollibee, Don Henrico's, and the Fishing Village at Parks and Wildlife. If we have decided on the budget, we can start our full swing planning na. Wish us luck.

Wow! It's almost EOD na pala. Ciao!

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