Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lactose Intolerant

I need to make this clear first, I have NOTHING against breastfeeding moms especially breast-fed babies. It's just I reached the point where enough is enough. I don't intend to irate BFing advocates, but the ads are really starting to get into my nerves. “Bakit mo papainumin ng gatas ng baka ang anak mo? Baka ba siya?” Hell, no!

See, I wasn't able to breastfeed MiLo. Before giving birth, I was so intent on BFing him that I didn't get bottles until the last leg of my pregnancy. I even bought 3 pairs of reusable disposable breastpads as I was confident that I'll be overflowing with milk. Wrong, I was dead wrong! Some women are lucky to be milk factories, but not me. We tried, I swear. He latched and sucked and few good drops was all he got. I ate malunggay, took supplements, pumped. You cannot even begin to imagine the positions I need to do just to stimulate my milk flow. Yes, I was that desperate.


Yes, I am very much aware of the advantages of breast milk. I've read about it, heard about it, seen it. I was a breast-fed baby myself. But, not being able to breastfeed MiLo doesn't make me less of a mother or make MiLo less of a baby. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Some BFing advocates send this kind of message across, at least to me, that you are a bad mother for not BFing and that your baby will not grow up healthy and strong. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but motherhood and bringing up a well child is not dependent on breast milk!

MiLo's pediatician, Dr. Ascutia, is a BFing advocate. She encouraged me. As I've said, we tried. However, when I said that it wasn't working for either MiLo and I, she didn't push the issue and most importantly, she didn't make us feel lesser beings for not able to breastfeed. She has gained another notch in the respect department because of that.

Yes, I've envied, past tense, BFing moms. I wanted to be one. It just wasn't for us. Maybe I'll be guilt-stricken if MiLo is not growing up well. He is. Some even thought that he was breast-fed because he is healthy. They are surprised to hear that he is bottle-fed from the beginning. I am MORE surprised to their reactions. Cant' bottle-fed babies be as healthy as breast-fed babies? They, the BFd babies, probably had the advantage of colostrum, but aside from that, it all boils down to how you ACTUALLY look after and care for your baby.

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