Saturday, November 29, 2008


For some time, I was a little sad because my blog has been up for over a 100 days and I've not received a single comment on any of my posts. I check my dashboard every single day and I've no alert that I have a pending comment. When I got back to work today, I received an email from Vayie asking me why I haven't approved their comments. She thought I thought their comments were offensive. That was not the case indeed. You see, my comment host is Haloscan. I just figure out now that, naturally, I would not receive an alerts on my dashboard. So, I signed and there are 20 or so comments to be moderated. Geez! Thanks, Vayie for pointing that out and for being the first one to leave a comment on 08.28.08. Gawd! It took me three months to approve it. Pathetic.

To all those who have left comments, these are all truly appreciated. I'd still love to hear from you. No worries, I now know to check my Haloscan on a regular basis.

Stay parpolised.

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