Friday, November 21, 2008

A Drop in My Happy Hormones

Manang Barang (that's Barbra Streisand for you) was indeed right when she said that some good things never last. J&K transferred my peers to another queue and I so hate them for that. They caused my happy hormones to drop. I'm a very optimistic person. I tend to see most things on the positive side. I'm always the one saying "2 o'clock na" instead of "2 o'clock pa lng". I see the glass as half-full than half-empty. But these J&K made my pastel-colored world dark and bleak! Bumabagyo siguro nung pinanganak sila. Hmpft! And yes, K, I'm bitter. Are you happy?

As Vayie said in her blog, change is inevitable in our industry. But, I suppose change and office politicking are not synonymous. Or are they? Or maybe in our industry there's a very thin line separating the two that it has become blurry and confusing?

Last Monday, J, our team lead met with us and delivered a bad news. She said that 8 of us will be transferred to a different queue. That came as a surprise. She asked us for volunteers, but naturally, no one did. She said that if no one from the night shift will voulunteer, too, she has no choice, but pick the 8 who will be pulled out. I had a feeling that Jen, Vayie, and Khim will be the charmed ones as they speak their minds and I'm pretty sure J&K are scared of them. Bakit nga naman sila mag-aalaga ng pwedeng kumagat sa kanila, di ba? During the meeting, a teammate asked what were the grounds for transferring us to another queue. J did not elaborate. If I remember correctly, she did not even mention a single reason why one of us could possibly be transferred. I suggested to her that why don't we draw lots instead para maski sinong mabunot, eh, hindi maiisip na personal ang decision. Just pure (bad) luck. I know, I'm right. When the 3 were announced, I'm sorry, but I can't help but feel na na-personal nga sila. Is it just a coincidence na puro yung mga "nagsasalita" ang nailipat? I'm not saying na wimps ang mga natira. Let's just say na mas tolerant lng kami sa masasamang ugali. Hahaha.

Khim, Vayie, and Jen: This is not goodbye. We are friends and we will remain friends maski lamunin ng lupa si J&K. To hell with them. Some good things may not last, but our friendships will.

To the rest of Uno Animo (Tin, Dus, Kuya Homer, Alex, Feb, Jhoan, Cyper, and Cai): One team, one goal, one mind. Pinaghihiwalay-hiwalay na nila tayo, but that's the best they can do. No one can put a good team down.

I've said my piece.

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