Monday, November 3, 2008

The BIG Three-O!

I'm thirty years old today and not worried at all. Why would I be? Yes, I'm a year older, but, it also means that I have another year to look forward to. The last 29 years have been good. Not perfect, but the way I just wanted it to be.

My 30th year started with a surprise. I was roused at exactly 12 midnight by my husband Jowell, sisters Chelly and Bru, brother Eboy, and my sister's boyfriend Mhieko's cheerful singing of "Happy Birthday". They even had a cake with a single candle lit. I feel so blessed and loved.
Aside from the singing and the cake, there was pizza and ice cream. The handa was truly simple, but I truly appreciated it. Before that kasi, at around 7PM last night, I was saying to Jowell that this will be the first birthday that I will have no handa. And 4 hours later, there we are, gathered at the dining table and sharing my husband's humble gift to me. I will forever cherish that moment as it was the nth time I fell in love all over again with my husband.

The giddy husband.

No superstitions, please. It's only because I moved too soon. :P

Midnight snack courtesy of my number 1 man.

My cake in my favorite color. Yum!

We still have no plans for later. Maybe more surprises, eh!

(Note: Indeed, there was more! Jowell bought palabok, roasted chicken, and pata hamon for dinner. Yum!!!)

And yes, it's ok to be 30 as long as you look 20! Hahaha.

Some random facts on my birthday.
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