Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ho-hum Thursday

I'm so tamad to update my blog lately. Ever since I transferred here, I've lost my blogging mojo. It's like moving to a new home when all your clothes are still scattered on the floor and you're just too tired to start organizing them. Worst is no one's going to help you. It's either you start picking up the clothes and placing them in the cabinets or just let it lay down there and gather dirt and dust. I choose the former.

I have many kwentos to tell and I don't even know where to start. There's Mama's MVR (read: mitral valve replacement) surgery, MiLo's milestones, our team building, n@w crazy LV game, us moving to a new office, my cramming to prepare for MiLo's baptism, our "Wish List Day for Friends" at the office, etc etc. I'm turing into a certified scatter-brain, err, a scatterer-brain. Oh, well! Let's start with the lighter things like our "Wish List Day for Friends". It's my next favorite event in the office after the much-anticipated 13th month pay.

It stared out as as simple wish list for Christmas two years ago and it has become an annual event for the team. Jen renamed it to "Wish List Day for Friends" to keep Uno Animo's tradition even after we are merged with a new team. The rules remain the same. You get to list three items that you really, really like within the PhP600.00 budget and the friend who got your name will get the gift for you. Bawal ang cash!

I'm notorious at this because I keep on changing my wish list on a daily basis. Hahaha. Goodluck sa makakabunot sa akin. As of October 9, 2008, here's my wish list:

1. John Grisham's The Appeal and Playing for Pizza both in paperback edition.
2. Double-sized bed sheet and either a crimper, an optical mouse, or a 4-port USB hub.
3. A crimper, an optical mouse, and a 4-port USB hub. Yes, you can all get these three from CD-R King. Their products are relatively cheap, but these are surprisingly durable.

We also have an annual wish list at home. There's no set budget, but none of us can afford an LV bag yet except for our parents who would NOT shell out that huge amount of moolah for a luxury bag. Yes, they'll get you a car, but NOT and NEVER a bag. But, I don't want a car! Hahaha.

I haven't decided the things to put on my wish list yet. I'm thinking of wishing for a larger RL bag, a pair of Crocs either Lena or Juneau, this, and this. I'm planning to get a pair of Prima on my birthday and I hope they have it in my size.

It's 78 days before Christmas. I have not started my shopping list yet, but MiLo's definitely way up there. It'll be his first Christmas and I'm even more excited than him. And oh, speaking of MiLo, he's growing up too fast. I'm just glad that though I'm a working mommy, I get the the chance to witness his every day progress.

Later. Lunchbreak.

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