Friday, October 24, 2008

A Day Before MiLo's Binyag

It's MiLo's binyag tomorrow. I'm a little anxious because the weather has been too erratic lately possible due to global warming. Hay! According to

Oct 25 Tomorrow
Scattered thunderstorms. High 89F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
Oct 25 Tomorrow night
Variably cloudy with scattered thunderstorms. Low 79F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Shall I be singing "Rain, rain go away. Please come again another day. It's little MiLo's binyag today."? I hope not!

We'll be having the reception at a relative's house in Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City. We're having it in the garden that's why I'm praying so hard that it will not rain. A cloudy day is A-OK, but rain, no! A little drizzle while the ceremony is on-going is welcome, but not when lunch is served.

Jowell and I went there earlier to setup MiLo's tarpaulin.

But 30 minutes later, I decided to place it somewhere else. We were not able to take another picture as my brother and Papa arrived and we had to leave for Mama's thanksgiving mass and lunch at her office at the Manila City Hall.

Nonetheless, we were able to take some pictures of ourselves. Hahaha.

Parang nasa park lng, ha?

Scored a new pair of Havs, too, in time for MiLo's baptism. Since we're only holding the reception at a house, might as well be comfy after the ceremony.

Saks Fifth Ave Laura Mercier limited edition Havaianas. I'm aiming for 2 more.
Gotta sleep. It's our son's big day tomorrow and I need some (beauty) rest.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

MiLo Meets World: Our Birthing Story

I was reading the birthing stories of my fellow n@wies when I decided to re-read my own birthing story at my old Friendster blog and relive the joys and pains of childbirth. To my horror and dismay, all my posts from October 2005 were deleted or moved or whatever after Friendster moved to a new platform. I panicked! I didn't have a copy of my birthing story elsewhere. I contacted their Customer Support and received a very unhelpful response. I appreciate my OCness at this time. My husband thinks my OCness is OA na at times, but I'm truly glad na I'm OC and OA. I found the old links myself - from October 2005 up to my most recent and last post there (in "cached" form nga lang). Thank God! Now, I think I ought to apply at Friendster's Customer Support team. They need me. Hahahaha.

Now on to my birthing story which I copied from Friendster blog (which I truly hate now) and pasted here (which I'm starting to like na). I've added some details na din along the way.
While our bundle of joy is sleeping and the lola and lola (aka my parents) are willingly and obligingly looking after him, I take the chance to sneak out and share with you our birthing story. It's overdue, but what the heck! But first, I'd like to thank everyone who remembered me on my very first Mother's Day celebration. It is well appreciated.

Now, our birthing story.

April 26, Saturday, around 4 PM
I went to visit my OB-gynist for my weekly check-up since I'm at week 37. As I've mentioned previously, she has advised me to take an earlier maternity leave as I can give birth as early as April 22. I tried to bargain with her, but she had her way in the end. After the usual check of weight, blood pressure, and baby's heartbeat, she IE'd (i.e. checked the opening of my cervix for dilation) me and immediately advised me to have myself admitted at the FEU hospital in Fairview at 8 PM. I was a little disappointed as I missed the drama of panicking if my water bag broke at an ungodly hour and sending my otherwise calm husband into a panic mode. I think I caught Jowell off guard, nonetheless. I was supposed to go to Malabon after my check-up to pick up the things I'll be bringing to the hospital, but it happened the other way around.

At 3 cms dilated, I even went to a nearby mall with my mom to pick some last minute stuff for MiLo. After an hour or so, we went home, had dinner, and got ready to go to the hospital.

April 26, Saturday, around 9PM
Walked my way to FEU's ER and filled out the necessary forms. At exactly 9:16 PM, I was officially admitted and was ready to give birth anytime.

April 26, Saturday, between 10PM – 11:59 PM
After some routine hospital procedures, I was finally wheeled to the Labor Room where I spent the longest 14 hours or so of my life. I was expecting to give birth anytime between midnight and early in the morning. However, my contractions were very weak and minimal and the dilation of my cervix was not progressing. I knew at that time, that I was not going to deliver MiLo at the time I expected.

I was more hungry and thirsty than bored. The JIs' who stayed with me were a happy bunch, but they kept on eating and mentioning food. They walked around the LR licking ice creams and munching what-have-yous. I was green with envy and was counting the seconds before I could get my teeth into a slice of pizza. I was even silently talking to MiLo asking him to descend faster so we could both relax and eat. That was my motivation – food!

My OB-gynist, Dr. Vessy Toy dropped by and checked on me. I was still not progressing and she encouraged me to rest as I'll be needing all the strength when it's time to push. Seriously, who could rest when every minute, someone was on my arm checking my blood pressure or injecting insulin or poking my finger to check my sugar level. I'm glad I was blessed with tons of happy hormones that I didn't mind the by-the-hour checking, poking, and injecting.

I remember that Jowell, my husband, dropped by also. He was only there for a few minutes. I wish he could stay longer or stay with me all throughout the labor and delivery. I was probably too exhausted to request the person in charge to make him stay at my bedside.

April 27, Sundaybetween 12 MN – 12NN
Dr. Toy went back at around 8AM to check on me again. My blood pressure was inconsistent, but they were able to manage my sugar level. My water bag has not broke and the dilation only progressed to additional 2 cms. The ideal opening of the cervix is 10 cms. I was getting bored and tired by the minute. My contractions were getting more frequent, but they were still weak. She had to manually “prick” my water bag to hasten the delivery in addition to the administration of oxytocin through IV line and nipple stimulation by the female JIs. These solicited contractions, but still not enough to bring me to the Delivery Room and have the camera ready.

Around 9 AM, I was prepared to have my anesthesia. Frankly, I was more scared of the epidural than the actual delivery as this was to be injected on my spine. What if the dosage was miscalculated and I end up “vegetable” for the rest of my life? Well, obviously, Dr. Palomar was a wiz. And, he was goodlooking, too. Hahaha.

April 27, Sunday, between 12:01 PM – 2:09 PM
The contractions were getting more frequent and more painful even with anesthesia. This was a signal that MiLo is already descending.

April 27, Sunday between 2:10 PM – 3:49 PM
I was injected my last shot of epidural and was strapped to an automatic sphygmomanometer. My sugar level was checked again and I was given another shot of insulin. I was numb, but I was fully aware of what was happening around me. The oxytocin IV was still administered and my nipples were still stimulated for contraction.

They instructed me to inhale, exhale, inhale again and hold my breath and push hard for ten seconds when I have a contraction. The first push failed.

Considering my size, I was told that I had a small birth canal and that the epidural was getting in the way of my pushing. I was not feeling any pain that I did not exert too much effort in pushing. Dr. Toy asked one of the OB residents to give me a fundal/fundic push/pressure, but she was too small that it also failed.

An hour after, my OB-gynist informed me that the baby can only stay on a certain position for only 2 hours and I've already consumed the first hour trying to push and successfully failing. If by 4:10 PM, I have not delivered, she had no other choice, but to do a C-section. I silently prayed and asked God for His assistance. I did not want a C-section.

I was now more determined to push harder, but harder was still not enough. Dr. Toy sought the assistance of another OB resident. On the first try, she gave a strong fundal/fundic push/pressure, but my own pushing was still weak. Looking at the clock, I was getting scared that a C-section was necessary.

April 27, Sunday, 3:50 PM
The second and last fundal/fundic push/pressure by the OB resident and my determination not to have a C-section was well rewarded when I have finally pushed MiLo out into the world.

MiLo's little “uha-uha” was enough to make me feel better. I am now a mother and come Father's Day on June 15, it's my turn to greet Jowell, a Happy Father's Day.

Post-partum (not the depression)
This is where Jowell, baby MiLo, and I thank the following:
  • Our Heavenly Father: for the safe and successful normal delivery in spite of the circumstances Our parents and MiLo's grandparents: for their undying love and support
  • Our siblings and MiLo's aunts and uncle: also for their love and support
  • Dr. Visitacion C. Vicente-Toy: our superwoman OB-gynist for patiently bearing with me when I was not pushing hard enough and for not resorting to C-section. I highly recommend her and you can contact her clinic at FEU Fairview at 9354122. Just mention that you were recommended by Cristina Corpuz-dela Cruz.
  • The rest of her team: for doing a job well done
  • Relatives and friends: for wishing us well

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Choose Pedala

I'm not a hardcore environmentalist, but being a mommy has made me more conscious of the world around me. In an effort to make the world a (little) better place for my little boy, I'm sharing with you a service posted by a former batchmate at UPIS on our Yahoogroup. I will definitely try this one of these days.

Now, this is what I call saving the world one pedal (in true Pinoy accent) at a time.

Trick or Treat 2008

I'm sure first time mommies with babies old enough are excited to know which Halloween event they can bring their babies to. I've been looking for schedules since the start of September, that's how excited I am, and thankfully, my fellow Smarties, posted on the Smart Parenting bulletin board the schedules of some of the upcoming Halloween events.

Other Halloween schedules I saw:

Glorietta: Activity Center/October 31,2008

Greenhills Mall: October 30/3PM

Tiendesitas: October 31/3PM.

I'm just so glad that there are events on the 31st as the 25th is MiLo's baptism. I'm giddy with excitement.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

At the Executive Lounge

Now that Friendster has revamped their version of a blog, some of my entries were missing. This entry is one of my most treasured post that I just had copy and paste it here. This was written on 04-06-2005.

This is the application essay I submitted to the GMA Kapuso Scriptwriting Workshop held November of last year. This very essay landed me a spot in the workshop and brought me to the top… at the 17th floor of the GMA Network Building… at the Executive Lounge.

According to Miss Syl Villar, the Superwoman HR who handled us, this was among the top five entries.

Ano sa karanasan mo ang pwedeng maging magandang material para sa isang script?

Ordinaryo lang ang buhay ko. Walang kahindik-hindik na mga kaganapan tulad ng sa Kakabakaba. Wala rin namang kahina-hinalang mga pangyayari upang ma-Imbestigador. May kaunting iyakan pero hindi pa para sa kalibre ng Magpakailanman. At may ilan din katatawanan tulad ng sa Bubble Gang. Sa kasimplehan ng buhay ko, para lang akong isang scoop ng vanilla ice cream.

Wala gaanong excitement ang buhay ko. Ang pinaka-daring na yata na ginawa ko ay ang magpa-Root Canal Therapy. Sa lahat ng ka-ordinaryohang ito, magiging interesado pa kaya kayong malaman ang mga karanasan ko… mga karanasan sa buhay… sa pag-ibig… sa pagiging babae… sa pagiging isang matabang babae?

Twenty-five years old na ako. Magtwe-twenty-six na sa November. At buong buhay ko mataba na ako. Hindi lang ako overweight. Isa akong obese. Seven pounds ako noong ipinanganak. Normal na timbang ng isang sanggol. Pero bukod sa sadyang masarap talaga magluto si Mama at si Tita Lily, nasa genes na talaga namin ang pagiging “malusog.” Sa parehong side ni Papa at ni Mama, meron akong kamag-anak na mataba: lolo, lola, tito, tita, pinsan… at may sakit sa puso… at may hypertension. Sa murang isipan ko, ang katabaan ay normal na kundisyon lamang tulad ng pagiging payat o kaya pagkakaroon ng kulot na buhok o pangong ilong. Isang kundisyon na akala ko noon ay hindi makakaapekto sa aking pagkatao ngunit nagkamali pala ako.

Cute tignan ang batang mataba. Hindi naman sa pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko, ako ay isang cute na bata. Ang mga pisngi, hita, at braso ko na namumutok sa katabaan ay laging pinanggigigilan. Ang mga comment na “Ay! Tignan mo yung bata, ang cute.” ay nakakatuwang pakinggan. Lahat na yata ng taong nakakakita sa akin ay nawiwili at tuwang-tuwa sa pagiging cute kong batang mataba.

Ang toddler na mataba ay cute. Hanggang Grade Two o Grade Three, nakakawili pa ang pagiging matabang cute. Noong mga panahon na iyon, kuntento na ako sa pagiging matabang cute. Balewala lang sa akin ang mga panunukso ng mga kaklase at kapwa bata. Ang pag-tukso ng mga kalaro ko ng “Lindol! Lindol!” kapag tumatakbo o tumatalon ako ay bahagi lamang ng aming paglalaro. Ang alam ko lang noong mga panahon na iyon ay nagkakasayahan at nagkakatuwaan lamang kami. Kung baga sa isang linya sa pelikula, walang personalan.

Pero dumating ang panahon na ang cute ay naging nakakatakyut. Hindi na nakakatuwa ang pagiging mataba maski naging synonymous na ito sa ka-cute-an. Ang batang mataba ay cute at nakakawili. Ang nagdadalaga at dalaga na mataba ay pangit at hindi kaaya-aya. Ang mga tukso at pintas na dati ay kibit-balikat kong tinatanggap ay unti-unting kumukurot at sumusugat sa aking pagkatao.

Isang summer, in-enroll sa swimming classes ni Papa at ni Mama ang mga kapatid ko. Gustong-gusto ko din matutong mag-swimming noon pero mas pinili kong mag-aral na lamang ng piano kaysa magsuot ng bathing suit at pagtinginan at pagtawan ng mga tao. Natapos ang summer. Natutong mag-swimming ang mga kapatid ko. Pero ako ay hindi natutong mag-piano.

Ang mga pangungutya ng mga kalaro, mga tambay sa kanto, mga kaklase, at kung sinu-sino pang mga taong hindi naman importante sa buhay ko ay madaling tanggapin. Pasok sa isang tenga, labas sa kabila. No problem. Pero ibang usapan na kapag ang pangdo-down ay nanggagaling na sa mga taong inaasahan kong susuporta sa akin. Tulad ng pamilya. Sa mga pangdi-discourage na natanggap ko mula sa kanila, dalawa ang tumatak sa aking isipan. Pareho silang nagmula sa mga labi ng lola ko. Una, hindi raw ako makakapag-boyfriend at ikalawa, hindi raw ako makakapasok ng trabaho. Ang dahilan niya: mataba daw kasi ako. “Eh, ano ngayon,” naisip ko. Hindi ko iyon kawalan. Defense mechanism ko lang iyon syempre. Pero ang totoo noon ay napaisip ako. Totoo kaya ang sinabi ng lola ko? Magkahalong takot at pangamba ang nadama ko pero hindi iyon sapat na dahilan upang sumuko ako sa laban kong nagsisimula pa lang.

Hindi pa ako nakaka-graduate ng college ng sinubukan kong mag-apply ng trabaho. Last term ko na noon kaya naiisip ko na mas mabuting maaga na akong maghanap ng trabaho kaysa sumabay sa libu-libong gra-graduate din na katulad ko. The early bird catches the early worm, sabi nga nila. Sa isang call center sa Ortigas ako dinala ng mga paa ko. Habang paakyat iyong elevator, naiisip ko ulit yung sinabi nung lola ko. Matatangap kaya ako? Tama na ba ang qualifications ko? O baka dahil nga sa katabaan ko at sa Ortigas ako naga-aaply, isang posh na business district, baka hindi sapat ang pinag-aralan ko lang. Nagduda ako sa kakayahan ko pero hindi ako nagpatalo at papatunayan ko sa lola ko at higit sa lahat sa sarili ko na hindi hadlang ang obesity ko sa abilidad ko na makahanap ng trabaho.

Make or break ang Ortigas experience ko. Ayokong umuwi ng luhaan kaya pinagbutihan ko ang examination. Sa kalaunan, kakayahan at hindi katabaan ang nagwagi. Qualified ako at iyon ang mahalaga sa mga future employers ko. Hindi ako pumirma ng kontrata maski natanggap na ako. Masaya na ako sa naging accomplishment ko. Tatapusin ko muna ang pag-aaral ko at saka muling susubok sa hamon ng tunay na mundo.

Pagka-graduate ko noong 2001, nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na magtrabaho sa isang chatroom sa cable television. At sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon, dito ko pala makikita ang pag-ibig na sabi ng lola ko ay ipagkakait sa akin dahil sa mataba ako.

Ang pagkakaibigan namin ni “J” ay nagsimula sa chat. Hindi nagtagal, naging textmates kami at naglaon ay naguusap na din sa telepono hanggang madaling-araw. Parang wala ng bukas kung mag-usap kami. Katulad ng madalas sabihin ni Mike Enriquez na “Hinding-hindi ka namin tatantanan.” ang naging drama ng buhay namin. Hinding-hindi nga namin tinantanan ang telepono sa kakatelebabad namin. Masaya ako kapag nakakausap ko siya. Alam ko na masaya rin siya kapag nakakausap niya ako dahil hindi naman siguro siya magpapakapuyat kung hindi niya gusto ang ginagawa niya. Maski may trabaho kami kinabukasan, nagpupuyat kami para makapagusap at makapagkulitan lang. Noong mga panahon na iyon, I was falling inlove with him. Pero alam kong hindi dapat dahil walang basis. Pwede bang ma-inlove sa taong hindi mo pa nakikita? Naisip siguro ni “J” na it’s about time that the voice had a face. Niyaya niya akong manuod ng sine. Hesitant ako noong una pero pumayag din ako. Excited ako pero biglang nawala ang lahat ng yun ng muling nag-echo sa isip ko ang sabi ng lola ko. Hindi ako nakatulog noong gabi. Iniisip ko kung tama ba ang gagawin ko. Paano kung tama na si Lola sa pagkakataong ito? Maski nag-aalangan akong sumipot sa usapan namin, pumunta pa rin ako. I’ve nothing to lose and I’ve a friend to gain just in case type nya magkaroon ng matabang kaibigan. I had fun that day. Alam ko na nag-enjoy din sya sa maiksing panahon na magkasama kami. Pero tunay ngang mahiwaga ang pag-ibig. Dahil ang isang araw na magkasama kami ay naging isang linggo, isang buwan, at ngayon isang taon mahigit na.

Sa ikalawang pagkakataon nagkamali ang lola ko. Maski kailan hindi naging sagabal sa akin ang katabaan ko. May mga tao sigurong hindi nakikita ang tunay na katauhan ko pero mas marami pa ring tao ang nakakakita sa tunay na katauhan sa likod ng babaeng mataba.

Ordinaryo lang ang buhay ko. Pero hindi ako ordinaryong tao. Isa akong extra-ordinaryong babae na nagsusuot ng extra large na blouse at may extra, extra large na puso.

Ho-hum Thursday

I'm so tamad to update my blog lately. Ever since I transferred here, I've lost my blogging mojo. It's like moving to a new home when all your clothes are still scattered on the floor and you're just too tired to start organizing them. Worst is no one's going to help you. It's either you start picking up the clothes and placing them in the cabinets or just let it lay down there and gather dirt and dust. I choose the former.

I have many kwentos to tell and I don't even know where to start. There's Mama's MVR (read: mitral valve replacement) surgery, MiLo's milestones, our team building, n@w crazy LV game, us moving to a new office, my cramming to prepare for MiLo's baptism, our "Wish List Day for Friends" at the office, etc etc. I'm turing into a certified scatter-brain, err, a scatterer-brain. Oh, well! Let's start with the lighter things like our "Wish List Day for Friends". It's my next favorite event in the office after the much-anticipated 13th month pay.

It stared out as as simple wish list for Christmas two years ago and it has become an annual event for the team. Jen renamed it to "Wish List Day for Friends" to keep Uno Animo's tradition even after we are merged with a new team. The rules remain the same. You get to list three items that you really, really like within the PhP600.00 budget and the friend who got your name will get the gift for you. Bawal ang cash!

I'm notorious at this because I keep on changing my wish list on a daily basis. Hahaha. Goodluck sa makakabunot sa akin. As of October 9, 2008, here's my wish list:

1. John Grisham's The Appeal and Playing for Pizza both in paperback edition.
2. Double-sized bed sheet and either a crimper, an optical mouse, or a 4-port USB hub.
3. A crimper, an optical mouse, and a 4-port USB hub. Yes, you can all get these three from CD-R King. Their products are relatively cheap, but these are surprisingly durable.

We also have an annual wish list at home. There's no set budget, but none of us can afford an LV bag yet except for our parents who would NOT shell out that huge amount of moolah for a luxury bag. Yes, they'll get you a car, but NOT and NEVER a bag. But, I don't want a car! Hahaha.

I haven't decided the things to put on my wish list yet. I'm thinking of wishing for a larger RL bag, a pair of Crocs either Lena or Juneau, this, and this. I'm planning to get a pair of Prima on my birthday and I hope they have it in my size.

It's 78 days before Christmas. I have not started my shopping list yet, but MiLo's definitely way up there. It'll be his first Christmas and I'm even more excited than him. And oh, speaking of MiLo, he's growing up too fast. I'm just glad that though I'm a working mommy, I get the the chance to witness his every day progress.

Later. Lunchbreak.

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