Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My New Home in Cyberspace

First, I'm back and I have a new home. For two years, I was an avid user of the Friendster blog, but after it failed to upload new photos due to storage limits of free membership, I decided to get a blogspot/blogger account. My little boy MiLo and I are now on the same boat. Actually, I was considering to have a paid membership and stay with Friendster, but I realized that I already have a family, especially, a little boy to think of. With the annual membership of $89.50 for the Friendster Blogs Plus, I'd rather spend the money on 4 cans of Enfalac A+ or 8 packs of Pampers. If I am single, I would probably have a different decision. Motherhood, indeed, gives you a totally different outlook in life. I suddenly have a different mindset. What used to be me, myself, and I have become Jowell, MiLo, and I.

Second, pardon my unplanned hiatus. We had a family emergency and had to attend to it for two weeks. I will share my story on it on the days to come.

Third, for my regular readers of Surprisingly Beautiful over Friendster, I know I left my most recent entry there bitin. I promise to update it also as soon as I can.

Fourth, I'm still getting used to the ins and outs of blogspot. I'm so used to having a 3-column layout that I'm having a hard time putting widgets and other whathaveyous that I'm considering to have a paid blog at Friendster or quit blogging.

Fifth, to all my loyal readers (if I have any), please update your links.

Lastly, please join me as I countinue to share with you random stories of my life.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

From Friendster to Blogger

I will be transferring here soon. Please come back at a later time. Until then...

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